Big and Tall Men's Fashion Tips: What Big & Tall Men Ought to Know About Choosing a Suit

Finding the right suit for your shape is possible, and you can find a fashionable and stylish suit that plays up all of your good features! For big and tall men finding a good suit to fit your shape can be difficult, but it is not impossible! In this article, I will give you some good tips and advice on finding the right suit for your shape.

It has been said that every man should own at least one, if not more, good suit. It comes in handy whenever you need to dress up for a formal occasion. However, you may have a career in which you need to wear a suit on a daily basis. What you need to look for is one that is comfortable and flatters your figure well.

1. What to Look For
Most suits are made in two different kinds of fabrics, which can limit your choices. A suit is usually either made from wool or a non-wool material. Find out if wool is something you want to wear or not. Then you will be better off finding a suit that suits you!

For some people wool can be comfortable, and for others it can just be itchy and irritating. If you find that wool makes you itchy that means you will not be comfortable, so go for another non-wool material such as linen or polyester.

2. What Points to Consider
Now you can consider what style best fits your shape. There are general styles of suits that are out there, such as single breasted, double-breasted, length of the jacket, the style of the cut of the jacket, the pants, and your shirt and tie.

3. What to Pay Particular Attention to?
The cut of a jacket for your suit is how it hangs off of your body. This can mean the difference between wearing a flattering suit or one, well, not so flattering. There are three basic cuts to a suit jacket that you can look for:

American Cut
This is the one cut that you will probably see most often in stores and on people. It is the basic cut for a suit that many people wear. If you are buying your first suit, this cut may be the best one for you. However, it may not flatter your shape.

Full Cut
This one isn’t tapered at the waist and provides more room in that area. If you need this space, this cut can flatter your shape better than the American cut suit. When choosing a suit to best fit your shape, a full cut is probably your best choice.

European Cut
This is the cut that big and tall men will probably want to stay away from because it fits tight around the waist almost forming an hour glass figure. I’m not sure if this would be flattering for nearly any man.

You can find several (or one if you don’t need to wear a suit everyday) suits that flatter your shape the best. Remember to take a look at the many options a suit offers from the tie to the jacket to the pants. You can look stunning in the right suit for your shape.

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