Plus Size Women on the Beach: A Guide to Looking Good & Sexy

By on December 31, 2009
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One of the most exciting parts about the summer is going bathing suit shopping right before beach season. In the past, it was difficult for plus-sized women to enjoy this time, because there were very few swimsuit options available to them, making it difficult to find something to enjoy the beach in. These days, because there are so many plus-sized swimwear options available for women sized 12 and above, curvy women no longer need to worry about whether or not they will find swimwear to fit in time for summer. There are plenty of options available to help women flaunt their sexy curves with style.

Plus Size Swimwear Tips

When it comes to purchasing swim wear, there are three different factors that you must take into account. The first is style, the second is price and the third is function. You should never have to disregard comfort simply for the sake of fashion, by purchasing a bikini or a thong. Comfort and function are just as important as style and fashion when it comes to choosing a bathing suit, so make sure that whatever you choose is comfortable for you AND looks stunning at the same time.

Dressing for the  beach should never been like dressing for a Miss America pageant. You should be looking for a swimsuit which suits you, feels comfortable and fits well, and looks great on your body, accenting your shape and curves without becoming too revealing.

1. Tankini

If you are dead set on a two piece, you may want to opt for a tankini which is a two piece swimsuit featuring a tank top style top piece rather than a revealing bikini top. You should also look for suits which offer slightly less revealing cuts, like higher cut necklines and lower cuts around your thighs. These cuts are not meant to conceal your curves, but rather they do a fine job of accenting the ones that you do want to show off.

2. Skirted Suits

If you would like to add more coverage to your hips and thighs, skirted swimsuits are a great choice. Skirted swimsuits offer short, flowy skirts to cover your bottom half a little better, while still lending to the sexy, slinky look provided by the swimsuit.

3. Beach Accessories

If you love your revealing swimsuit but are not quite ready to reveal all to everyone on the beach, you may consider investing in a cover up, or a sarong. There are many different styles to choose from, and they offer just the right amount of coverage, and can be made to coordinate well with your swimsuit. Once you feel comfortable with your body, you can remove the cover up or the sarong and show the world that you feel amazing and beautiful in your sexy swimsuit.

If you are looking for plus size swimsuits and plus size sarongs, then do not miss our list of recommended stores which specialize in curvy swim-wear and beach wear.

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