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Gawking Fitness Regime

Monday, March 26th, 2007 | plus size health and fitness with 1 Comment

Milo F. Bryant, a certified fitness professional, gives some great advice this month, for plus size folks who would like to start attending the gym, in an article for The Eagle. Milo rightly comments that many over-sized people never manage to get themselves to exercise at a local gym or fitness center because they fear being “gawked at”. He also goes on to give some tips on what to think about to try and overcome putting to much weight to these “gawks” and not letting them get in your way.

I must admit I have felt this sensation many times, and even when I did get myself to the gym getting over those stares from skinny people take a little bit of getting used to. But don’t let these stares and people get in the way of your exercise. Let them look. Who cares?

Top 5 Fitness Tips for Plus Size Women

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007 | plus size health and fitness, plus size issues with 1 Comment

Everybody should exercise - not matter their shape or dress size. This fact should be common knowledge and should be brought about by a motivation to lead a healthy life. Taking care of our bodies should be a top priority and part of this includes regular exercise.

Many people attribute exercising or a having a fitness regime with a desire to lose weight. But that isn’t necessarily so, and shouldn’t be! If that was so, plus size people who are happy with their weight wouldn’t need to exercise, because they wouldn’t want to lose any weight. Though they should exercise, as the primary aim of exercise is to get the body moving and increase health and wellness!

Exercising and keeping fit however, needs to be done in a careful and thoughtful manner. Some precautions needs to be taken, and some things needs to be kept in mind. For this reason I’ve drawn up 5 essentials fitness tips plus size women (and men!) should keep in mind to ensure a great workout and fitness regime.

Here’s a sneak peak, if you’re too lazy to read the whole article!

  1. Exercise a few times a week
  2. Be creative!
  3. Keep hydrated
  4. Think comfort
  5. Start and finish the right way