How To Look Slimmer In Your Swimsuit… In Seconds!

by Sarah on July 6, 2011

in Plus Size Fashion Tips

Best Seller - The Illusion Suit - Swim Mini Skirt - Women's Plus Size Swimwear - Sizes 16W-26W - Style #67165WThe beach is a place where people dress in ways that leave little to the imagination – and slipping on a bathing suit, especially a bikini, strikes fear in the hearts of most women. Fortunately, there are ways to look thinner in a bathing suit even if you can’t remember the last time you picked up a weight or ran on a treadmill. Need some help? Try these summertime tips for looking slimmer in a bathing suit.

1. Choose a Swimsuit That Plays Up Your Best Features

Think about the part of your body you like the most, and choose a swimsuit that calls attention to it with ruffles, detailing, a bold pattern or bright colors. For example, if your best feature is a firm, full chest choose a swimsuit with a bold color on top. For those areas you’d like to see a little less of, keep them well-covered in a dark hue such as black or navy blue.

Remember, bold colors, prints, details and frills accentuate and draw the eye to a body part, while dark colors make an area look smaller and less noticeable. Another way to emphasize your “crowning” feature is to cover it in a shinier fabric and downplay problem areas with an opaque, solid color with no detailing. Use this principle to your advantage when choosing a swimsuit.

There’s more good news on the swimsuit front. The company Spanx that makes slimming undergarments for women recently launched their own line of figure-tightening bathing suits. Sounds like one to check out!

2. Shop Around Until You Find the Most Flattering Swimsuit

If you want to look slimmer in a bathing suit, don’t buy the first suit you slip over your hips. Try on a variety of styles until you find one that truly flatters you. A little extra time spent trying different swimsuits will pay off when you hit the beach looking five pounds lighter.

3. Get Some Color First

Sporting a suntan makes you look slimmer and more toned, but who needs the sun damage?  Buy a self-tanner, and treat yourself to a bronze glow before you brave the waves and the sand. Take the time to put it on carefully, streaks and blotches aren’t flattering.

Women's Plus Size Cover Ups - Always For Me Cover Mesh Skirt / Dress Style #5025X - Sizes 1X-3X - JUST ARRIVED4. Buy an Eye-Catching Cover-Up

A cover-up does just that. It hides figure flaws that make you self-conscious. Wrap one on to reduce your exposure. An especially flattering kind is a beach wrap dress you can wear on the beach but still lounge around in while you enjoy a bite to eat at a beachside café. Another way to look slimmer in a bathing suit is to wear a pair of sandals with a slight heel – but not too high or you’ll end up looking contrived.

5. Stand Tall

Bathing beauties don’t slouch – and neither should you. Work on your posture before hitting the beach – then throw your shoulders back and suck your stomach in before making your beach debut. Hold your head up high – and look confident. Slouching only accentuates figure flaws.

The Bottom Line?

Use these five tips to get into beach-ready shape – and then enjoy the sand and the surf – knowing you look your best. Bring on the waves!

Does swimsuit season strike fear in your heart – and send you running for a beach cover-up? Put aside your fears and discover these five ways to look thinner in a swimsuit. They’re easy – and they work.

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