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    Monif C Introduces Her Spring 2011 Collection: Tune Into Tuesdays

    Monif C Plus Sizes are back again with a stunning new Spring collection, and in this video we see Monif C herself show us some of the new items available. A lot of the new styles are selling quickly even if they are still on pre-order, so if you like something, don’t wait too much.

    The popular Alexandra dress is back in black, ivory and red. The ruched convertible dress is now available in teal, white, coral, black and tan/caramel. The short convertible dress is now available in green, yellow, white, turquoise, coral and black; whilst the long convertible dress comes in coral, yellow, white, green, black and turquoise.

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    Posted by Sarah - March 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm

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    Behind the Scenes of Kiyonna’s Spring 2011 Photo Shoot: Tune Into Tuesdays

    If you haven’t looked around Kiyonna lately, then you have probably not yet checked out the new styles they have added which form part of their gorgeous Spring 2011 collection. This new collection is bright and bold. It features daring tribal prints, feminine floral prints, and all sorts of other new chic styles and designs.

    The video we are featuring today is in fact a behind the scenes look into the photo shoot for Kiyonna’s Spring 2011 collection; this feature is presented by the bubbly and lovely Marcy Guevara, and the glowing plus size model is none other than Ashley Graham.

    I’ve included links for the styles featured in this video, which are already available for purchase, so you can easily and quickly check them out in much more detail at Kiyonna:

    • Legacy wrap dress
    • Tory cinch dress
    • Tabitha smocked waist dress
    • Mia mesh dress
    • Studio straight skirt
    • Essential stretch camisole
    • Parisian perfect wrap
    • Cynthia twist dress
    • Regent ruffled bellini
    • Amelia Pea coat
    • Bellini Ballet wrap
    • Mon Cherie blazer
    • Siren Satin dress
    • Retro Glam lace dress
    • Analisa lace column dress
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    Posted by Sarah - February 22, 2011 at 3:25 pm

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    How to Accessorize that Little Black Dress: Tune Into Tuesdays

    In this video today, TrendySwag.com host Katherine Akra talks about the perfect undergarments to wear with your LBD (Little Black Dress). Nothing ruins a little black dress like bra straps or panty lines – having the right undergarments is extremely important. First of all make sure you are wearing a black bra if you plan on being photographed; a nude of colored bra will show through in pictures due to the flash.

    If you are wearing a strapless gown, then make sure to choose a strapless bra that will stay in place. A backless dress may still require some type of coverage, even if you are unable to wear a bra, there are products out there you can use, which will prevent people from seeing all you’ve got! Lingerie has really evolved, and there are tons of products specifically designed for clothing that cannot be worn with a normal bra. Most lingerie stores sell small silicone pasties, which stick to your skin and provide full coverage. Some bras are even made corset style, and dip really low both in the front and the back. Other bras have clear straps or straps that can be removed, criss crossed or put into a halter.

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    Posted by Sarah - September 14, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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