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Shop for Plus Size Clothes by Country

Online shopping has thankfully made finding stylish plus size clothes much easier, however the majority on online stores only ship to the United States. This makes finding plus size clothes for curvy women outside the US that little bit more difficult. But not anymore!

There are many plus size clothing stores online that are based in the US and which ship worldwide, and there are also various other stores which are based in specific countries and cater to that location only.

Our main aim here at is to make online shopping for plus size clothes easier for you, whoever you are and wherever in the world you live. So we have now created this brand new section, providing country specific helpful shopping guides.

In fact, in each of the pages below we list several online plus size fashion stores that ship to that specific country. This is just a start, we will be adding additional countries in the coming weeks and months. If you have any urgent requests, or have specific questions about stores catering to particular countries we encourage you to leave a comment below! We are glad to help out.