How to Avoid a Muffin Top

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A “muffin top” is an unflattering term that refers to excess flesh that hangs over the top of the waistline of jeans, trousers or skirts. What can you do to look good in your clothes and prevent the appearance of a muffin top?

High Waisted Plus Size Jeans from SVOBODAWear High-Waisted Clothing
High-waisted clothing such as jeans, trousers, and skirts that do not cling to the hips can help to prevent the appearance of a muffin top and give you a sleeker, more elegant silhouette. Wearing high-waisted clothing will also help prevent the embarrassment of revealing too much flesh. If you are confident in what you are wearing, you will not be self-conscious of your appearance; nor will you continually battle to pull your clothing down over your skin to hide the appearance of a muffin top.

Avoid Hipster Clothing
Hipster jeans and other articles that hang from the hips, rather than those that fit higher up around the waist, may seem comfortable. However, hipster clothes will accentuate, rather than diminish, the appearance of a muffin top. Excess flesh that sits around the midsection has nowhere else to go but out, which gives an unattractive appearance, especially if you are also baring your stomach and back. Hipster clothing can look unattractive and make you look heavier than you really are.

Wear the Right Size Clothes!
If you’ve realized you are carrying a few extra pounds than usual, it can sometimes be discouraging having to shift up a dress size, which is why a lot of women prefer to deny their actual size and continue to wear their “preferred size”, even if that no longer fits comfortably. It is important to accept your actual size and to dress accordingly, so that you look and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

A muffin top is not attractive whatever your size, which is why you should take preventative steps rather than deal with the embarrassment that can be caused when you bare too much flesh. Opt for high-waisted clothing that will give you a more attractive silhouette, avoid hipster clothing, which will only exacerbate the problem of a muffin top and make sure you wear the right size clothing. These steps can help prevent a muffin top.