Finding The Perfect Prom Dress For 2012

by Lynn Westley

Have you already begun to search for your perfect prom dress? Seeking out the hottest 2012 trends? With so many dresses to choose from, finding the perfect dress can be confusing. Use these tips and the newest trends to help you reduce your selection and help you find the perfect dress without the stress.

1. Color

Choose a color that is right for your skin tone and complexion. Fair colored skin should wear blue, red, and dark greens. White complexion goes well with brown, pink, red, and blue; most colors are fine here. As for you fortunate tan skinned ladies, you may wear any color. Brown colored skin, slightly darker than tan, unique purples and oranges compliment your skin tone well. For more dark complexioned, black browns, and dark purples are gorgeous, along with light pinks, deep reds, and bright greens. And finally yellow completion goes well with pure whites, light colors, and black. Bright and solid colors of a wide range along with detailed prints are in for 2012. With fabrics such as satin, silk, and metallic chiffon bring the latest style into a dress and add a unique flair.

Plus Size Deep Ocean Prom Dress

2. Necklines and Straps

The straps and neckline of your dress show off your personality and sense of style. Choosing the perfect neckline can be the icing on top of the cake.. For those you plan on doing lots of dancing, one shoulder and two straps are great for you! One shoulder is a fun and stylish look, while two straps provide a modest and classic yet timeless look. For those who have wider shoulders, a halter is a fabulous way to give the appearance of slimming them. The Halter is also a sophisticated appearance that can be obtained, especially accompanied by a mermaid style dress. Those who are bigger busted, strapless or another form of straps should be your first choice over the halter top. For a romantic feel to your dress, go for the elegant sweetheart neckline. Modern ladies strapless is a terrific look.

3. Lengths and Styles

An A-line style dress is a forever fashionable look, and is perfect for every body type. Mermaid and trumpet skirt silhouette will hug the contours of your body especially at the waist and hips, creating a sassy look. Ball gown styles are lovely, light, and flowing; which shows off your inner princess. The right dress for you may be a cocktail-dress or shorter length dress. Open back dresses are a popular 2012 trend. From fitted skirts to flowing the choice is yours.

4. Embellishments

From elaborate prints and colors to simple, solid colors, a dress is not complete without the embellishments. Crystals and sequins complement the vibrant glam of your dress, while rosettes, ribbons, and bows show your unique sense of taste. Ruffles and ruching are a compliment to every body type. However, for those who love the simplicity; look for a classier dress that will give you an elegant appearance.

5. 2012 Trends

Hot red carpet trends for 2012 prom dresses are all about glitz and glam. Elaborate, electric, and sleek looks have become the “in styles” alongside classic and elegant simple dresses.

Whether your taste in style is simplicity or all out glam, there is a gown out there for you. Now it’s your job to find your perfect dress. Think carefully about what you are looking for in a dress; style, skirt, embellishments, colors, print or solid, neckline, length, ect. Knowing what you wish for in a dress will help minimize being overwhelmed by all the dress sections. However keep your options open, you might be surprised by other styles.

The most influential factors of selecting a dress are:

  1. “Is this you, and does this dress show who you are?”, and
  2. “Does the dress compliment your figure and give you the image you were looking for?”

Remember, the dress will reflect you, the beautiful young woman that you are. Before purchasing a dress, check your school dress codes for their rules on strap width, and dress length.

So enjoy choosing the perfect dress, and feel gorgeous in it on your special night.

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