How to Find the Perfect Christmas Season Party Shoes

Black Satin Pump Shoe for Women by Bella VitaGuest post by by Jamie Simpson

Every woman knows that the right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. This is especially true for Christmas parties. Women must dress to impress as there are bound to be countless old friends and acquaintances in attendance. And let’s face it, we want other women to envy our style.

There are several factors to keep in mind when selecting a pair of shoes for a holiday party. The first thing to consider is the time of day. Is the party to take place during the day or in the evening? A daytime party is often less formal and may not require the same calibre of attire as would an evening party.

Glittery heels won’t do for the daytime, but a pair of satin pumps would be perfect. Also, lower heels are more appropriate for daytime functions. Opt for a block heel instead of sky high heels, which could look a bit out of place in the daytime. However, once the sun goes down your heels can be as sky high, colourful and glittery as you like!

A perfect party pump should flatter a woman’s leg. Avoid wearing sling backs with skirts and dresses, as sling backs can make even dainty ankles look thick and bulky. Ankle strap heels are a much better option, as they define the ankles and have a slimming effect. Mid-calf length boots tend to divide the lower leg at the widest point, which will make even the longest legs appear short and chunky. Opt for a fitted knee length or thigh high boot instead, as it will elongate the calf and legs will look longer as a result.

A classic heeled shoe can do wonders for a woman’s physique, especially her legs and derriere. A tall heel can define the calf muscles and accentuates curves. Being tall can also make you feel more confident.

However, comfort is another important variable in selecting party shoes. Ill-fitting heels will negatively affect your posture and stride, and may even result in injuries such as blisters or twisted ankles. So, make sure they’re not too high that they will compromise your fun!

Don’t be afraid to make a statement by pairing a bold heel colour with a plain dress. Try bright red heels with a black dress or leopard print pumps with a red dress. If the dress is more detailed, select a plainer shoe, instead. For instance, a glittery or sequined dress would look great with a solid colour velvet or satin shoe.

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