Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women

by Sam H Smith

Plus size women face many unique challenges when it comes to beauty and fashion, from hairstyles to makeup, and clothes to shoes. Our bodies are different than the average woman’s, and we have just as many special considerations as the very petite woman, or even the very tall woman. Being plus sized is not a curse that should force us to shop as rarely as possible, and we should never be afraid to look and dress as sexy as we feel just because of our body size.

There are many hairstyles and makeup options for plus size women, and many of the same hairstyles that our smaller counterparts enjoy can easily be incorporated for the larger of us. It is a matter of finding a stylist who understands the plus size face and body, and how to best flatter that look. After all, we are just as beautiful as any other woman, regardless of what the scale says. Here are a few examples of great hairstyles, based on face shape, not body size, for plus size women.

Oval-shaped Face

Oval shapes are the easiest to work with, because just about any hairstyle is flattering to this face shape. Body size has nothing to do with the shape of your face, and if you flatter your face, your body will seem less important when you look in the mirror. When you feel like you look beautiful, then you should never let anyone else tell you that you do not.

Best choices: Ponytails, soft curls, up-dos, and long hair are all great ideas for women with an oval shaped face.

Round Face

A round face gives the most accent to the cheek areas, and the best hairstyles will elongate the forehead and/or chin in order to balance your face. Look for styles that build up, not out, for the most beautiful look.

Best choices: Natural waves, long curls, long layers, long bobs, and similar cuts are beautiful with a round face.

Heart-shaped Face

Since a heart shape accents the forehead area, go with hairstyles that balance by accenting the chin or neck. Most experts recommend shorter hairstyles for plus sized women with heart-shaped faces, so that the hairdo balances the shortness of the body, giving the body a more proportioned look overall.

Best choices: chin-length styles, such as bobs, work well, especially with wispy bangs or a side part.

Square Face

Square faces have sharper angles than other shapes, and the hairstyle should soften the angles and give the face a more feminine look. Long hair is probably best avoided for this face shape, as it sharpens the angles instead, but slightly shorter than chin-length or slightly longer is a very attractive option.

Best choices: Wavy layers, body waves, layered bobs (watch the length), wispy bangs, and similar cuts are beautiful with a square face.

Pear-shaped Face

Opposite the heart-shaped face, a pear shape accents the chin area while minimizing the forehead, so the best options are those hairstyles that accent the forehead. Soften your jawline by choosing hairstyles that are worn back, making the forehead look wider than it is.

Best choices: Choppy layers, off-centered part, shag, wedge, and hair tucked behind the ears to add fullness to the upper part of the face.

Rectangle-shaped Face

Finally, a long, slender face offers accent to the entire face, without any need for additional accent. Be careful, though, if you have a high forehead or narrow chin, because these may create a need to offer some softening. Use styles that shorten the face, such as short or medium length cuts.

Best choices: Bangs, straight back styles, off-centered parts, and cuts that widen the face are best.

Best hairstyles for plus size women do not depend on the size of the woman’s body, but instead on the shape of her face. Another tip: use shampoos and other hair products that work with your hair type, and take care of problems such as dandruff, dryness, oiliness, frizz, and so on in order to look your best. If you need volume, do not be afraid to try a volumizer, or if your hair is oily, consider a cleansing shampoo. Use what works for your hair type and face shape, and your hair will look great, no matter what size you are. For more information, on hairstyles for large women visit us today.

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