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Guest post by Michael D Taylor

When you look around the average office Christmas party, you’ll see men milling about in red and green sweaters, or perhaps in an ill fitting suit and the same pair of brown leather loafers they wear to work each day. This year, don’t be that guy! As I always say, there’s nothing wrong with being the best dressed man in the room, regardless of where you are. And with party attire, you have quite a bit of freedom in terms of style and creativity. So use it to insure that you look your best at the Christmas parties you attend this year.

The first factor when considering what to wear is appropriateness. If the party is a black tie event, you wear a tuxedo, no questions asked. If it is semi formal, this is a little more open to interpretation. An evening event will be more formal than a daytime one. A party at a sophisticated candlelit restaurant will be more formal than one at a family style restaurant. Pay attention to the details of the party to figure out how formal it may be.

Now, one of the biggest mistakes that both men (and women) make when dressing for a holiday party is donning holiday “themed” attire. You should really not wear a sweater with Rudolph on it, or a tie with the image of Santa Claus. It’s just not sophisticated enough for a company party. So instead of holiday “themed,” think holiday “inspired.” For example, wear a double breasted jacket with a bit of sheen to it over a button down shirt with a piped collar. Or layer your outfit in rich colors, such as an olive green button down shirt and a tie in dark purple. Other tie stylesthat work great for the holidays are those in metallics, such as silver, bronze, or gold.

Even though you may be partying with the same people you work with every day, it is important to not wear the same work outfit that everyone has seen you in before. Add a few special, discerning touches to your outfit, such as a colorful silk pocket square, or a pair of nice sterling silver cuff links. Another important touch is to wear a great pair of dress shoes, not your normal everyday work shoes. Although this may sound like an exaggeration, it is completely true to say that people always notice shoes, and they are therefore an easy way to dress up any outfit. For a holiday party, I love a classic black and white wingtip oxford shoe.

Is it okay to wear a suit that you’ve worn to the office before? Sure it is. Again, just make sure to dress it up a bit. It is appropriate, regardless of the setting, for your Christmas party attire to be one step dressier than your normal office wear. If you wish to wear your favorite black suit, don’t reach for your normal white button up oxford and red tie. Instead, try a white oxford with a black pin stripe, and a silver tie. Other color combinations that work nicely together are charcoal gray with chocolate brown; tweed with burnt orange or mustard yellow; and light gray with cobalt blue.

If the Christmas party invitation specifies “holiday casual wear” as the dress code, don’t reach for your jeans. Instead try a nice pair of wool or cotton chino dress trousers with a button down shirt, sweater vest, tie, and sport jacket. If you want a little bit more of a laid-back appearance, try an open collar shirt, the vest from your three piece suit, and a pair of wool trousers or suit pants. Even without the Santa Claus tie, you’ll look appropriately dressed for the holidays.

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