Get Free, Give Free: Plus Size Clothing Retailer Gives Away Clothing to Help Communities

Taste Fully Plus SizesPlus size clothing retailer Taste-Fully is giving away clothing to encourage others to “Get Free and Give Free” by helping those in their local community. has just gone live with “Get Free, Give Free” in hopes that women who get free plus size clothing through this arrangement will, in return, give freely of their resources to their community.

When Taste-Fully officially launched its e-commerce website,, in Spring 2010 the retailer had one goal in mind. That was to provide tasteful clothing for the full-figured woman that was easy to afford.

Quickly, the company realized that its goals easily aligned with needs of its local community in Los Angeles. Soon emerged in-home clothing parties, at which women would gather at the home of a friend to discover racks and tables of affordable plus size clothing that would not require regret or great sacrifice to purchase.

From an online focus, to hosting in-home clothing parties, followed by larger public events such as “Ladies ‘Noon Out”, the plus-sized retailer has continued to serve the community throughout its growth and would like to encourage women of other communities to do the same.

“The way the initiative is structured is simple. There are 50 pieces of plus size women’s clothing reserved for the first 50 women to claim an item for themselves and pay only for shipping. We ask that the women let us know how they plan to give free, or, how they are already doing so. There’s an endless list that comes to mind when thinking of the acts of giving that could result from this,” says Desiree Alysse, Founder of

A few of the Give Free ideas suggests are:

  • Giving an item of clothing to a person who may be in need
  • Providing a meal – large or small – to someone asking for assistance
  • Collecting plastic bottles or other recyclables and donating them to a person or family experiencing hard times

The concerns of many people during this end of the year season include what to wear for an upcoming dinner party, where to shop for the bests gifts and which wall to place the new television on. Others consider the end of the year a time to wonder where the next meal will come from, contemplate how essential bills will be paid, and possibly brave the elements of living on the streets. In reality, for the later group, their concerns are likely to last much longer than just a season. Why not start giving free today… and don’t stop? On Ployvore

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