Top 10 Casual Plus Size Clothing Stores

Every woman I think is on the constant look out for stylish casual wear options, as this is such an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. Be it to wear for work (if you work in a relaxed type of environment), whether you are off shopping with your girls, or whether you just feel like going for a stroll down the street, casual wear is essential. So today I wanted to have a look at what I think are the Top 10 Casual Plus Size Clothing Stores online, to help women and give them some options for where to shop.

1. Alight – Sizes 12 to 34 – When you talk about casual plus size clothing, if you are more of less familiar with the leading plus size speciality stores online, then definitely Alight will be the first store you will think of. Alight offers a lot more then casual wear, in fact I like to call Alight the online mall for plus size shopping. It offers a wide range of styles, and carries a lot of different designers, which is what sets it apart. The vast choice of casual wear you can browse through here is what makes Alight the first go to place for findnig casual plus size clothing online.

2. Figuresque – Sizes 14 to 36 – A store which not everyone might be familiar with, but which I truly encourage every full figured woman to visit. Figuresque is quite a new store to hit the online scene, though do not be put off by this. They offer a vast selection of very stylish casual wear, and most of all their options are truly affordable. This is what sets Figuresque apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a bargain, head on their way!

3. Avenue – Sizes 14 to 32 – A store which I am sure a lot of curvy women will be familiar with, Avenue again is one of the first go to places to go for when shopping online for curvy clothing. They offers a great selection of casual fashions, which are also easy on the budget. Avenue is always adding on new, contemporary styles to make sure the latest trends are available, so again this is one to check out.

4. OneStopPlus – Sizes 12W to 44W – Another store which carries a large range of clothing, as well as accessories. However the casual clothing options offered at OneStopPlus are endless and definitely not to miss. They carry anything from tops, to skirts, to denim and dresses.

5. Torrid – Sizes 12 to 28 – A name synonymous with plus size clothing online, Torrid has become a favorite with many women and for good reasion. They offer a great selection of casual wear, with trendy new designs added on a regular basis. Various items can be found at Torrid including a great selection of casual tops, skirts, dresses and denim. A curvy girl will definitely satisfy her casual wear needs at Torrid.

6. SWAK Designs -  Sizes 14 to 36 – Another must visit store when you are looking for casual wear. SWAK Designs carry a great range of tops, skirts, dresses, pants and denim at affordable prices. Most of their items are available up to a size 6X (which would be approximately size 30/32), and include individual item size charts, which makes finding your size for a particular items a breeze.

7. Lane Bryant – Sizes 14 to 32 – Definitely a well known brand with full figured ladies, Lane Bryant carries a good selection of plus size casual wear, among their vast collection. Price points suit a lot of different budgets, and new designs are frequently added.

8. Fashion Bug – Sizes 14 to 32 – A store which might appeal more to a younger plus size woman, Fashion Bug provides the full figured woman a lot of options when it comes to casual wear. Again here you can find items ranging from skirts, to tops, to dresses.

9. Yours Clothing – 14 to 32 – An online store based in the UK, but which ships around the world, Yours carries one of the biggest collections of casual plus size apparel you can find online andhas become one of my favorites! Best of all their prices are truly affordable, and they hold sales and apply price reductions very often, which makes shopping here both fun and very easy on your budget. This is definitely a must visit, and I encourage plus size women outside of the UK not to get discourage from shopping here, as shipping fees are very reasonable and the vast selection of items available definitely make it worth shopping here.

10. Old Navy – Sizes 16 to 30 – I know some plus size women frown upon Old Navy (and with reason) because they reserve their plus size collection just for their online sale, but the stylish and vast selection they do offer online meant they had to be included in this list. Whatever everyone says I do think Old Navy offer a nice selection of casual plus size clothing, to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets.

So there you have it! What do you think? Should any particular store not be in the list? Do you think I missed listing down a store which you absolutely cannot live without? Comment below, and let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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