Plus Size Fashion Tips

How to Build a Work Wardrobe for Women

Guest post by: Elizabeth Ann West We all have stages in our lives where our clothes just do not match our new pursuits. The most common crisis for a woman’s wardrobe is starting a new job. One huge transition is from the free T-shirt craze in college to looking professional on the job. Moving from [...]

6 Steps to Finding a Good Tailor

Certain types of service providers are worth their weight in gold. A good hairdresser, a competent doctor, a dependable electrician, and, yes, a good tailor. If you don’t have the time to make clothing repairs such as sewing on buttons, hemming a skirt, or redoing a zipper, a good tailor is a must. Plus, you [...]

Update Your Wardrobe with Well Chosen Accessories – Part 2

In the first part of this article, which was published last week, we looked at how you can select certain accessories and pair them up with existing items in your wardrobe to spruce up any outfit. Today we’re back with even more tips on this topic, which will help you stay stylish without spending too [...]

Update Your Wardrobe with Well Chosen Accessories – Part 1

In the current economic climate, it is important to be able to dress well without breaking the budget. Now is the time to re-organise your wardrobe. Put away, or throw out, items you no longer wear and re-vamp those items that you love. You can create a new-look outfit by purchasing new accessories. Choose Shoes [...]

1 Week Left: Catherines Savings

A quick reminder about the promotions currently running at Catherines which will expire in 1 week: $10 off orders of $50 or more. Use coupon code 776999864. 20% off highest priced item with $75+ purchase. Enter coupon code 776999856. 10% off on your online order. Use code 776999849. All these offers are valid online until [...]

Show Your Curvy Confidence: Wear Red

Does anyone remember the 1980s teenage flick, “Weird Science”? The one scene everyone remembers about this movie is the woman in the sexy red dress coming to life. In the Matrix, a woman in red is the decoy to stop Neo seeing the Federal Agent in the training program. There are hundreds of examples women [...]

How to Find High Quality, Cheap Handbags

If you’re a woman, it’s likely that you need a handbag. While men can get by with carrying a wallet, a wallet doesn’t even begin to hold the multitude of items most women lug around in their trusty pocketbook on a daily basis. From hairbrushes to cell phones, most women would feel lost without a [...]

1 Week Left: Free Shipping at Fashion Bug

The free shipping promotion currently running at Fashion Bug will soon expire ladies, so remember to use it this week when shopping at Fashion Bug! Free Shipping with every $75 purchase: Enter promotion code 776276701 at checkout. Expires August 14, 2009.

How to Rock a Black Plus Size Pencil Skirt – Part 2

Last week we started talking about plus size pencil skirts, and what to do in order to wear them in the most figure flattering way possible. Today we continue discussing this classic, and I think, staple item… sharing with you another 3 tips. 3. Turn it Into a Suit A long, black pencil skirt looks [...]

How to Rock a Black Plus Size Pencil Skirt – Part 1

What could be more sophisticated than the long, lean lines of a pencil skirt? Audrey Hepburn made this look trendy back in the 1940’s and these sleek, fitted skirts are still gracing the pages of fashion magazines today. Although you can find pencil skirts in a variety of colors, if you could only choose one, [...]

How to Spruce Up Your Wardrobe Without Breaking the Bank – Part 2

Last week we started sharing with you some handy tips on how you can update your wardrobe, giving it a summer look, without spending too much money… if any at all actually. Amongst the tips shared, we suggested you look at what you’ve already got in your closet, as well as looking for trendy accessories [...]