How To Make the Most Of Your Fuller Figure by Choosing the Right Lingerie

The following is a guest contribution made by Samantha Harvey from – the home of plus-size bras and lingerie.

Plus Size Bras at Apple Bosom

Too many women choose to feel self conscious and cover up their figure, rather than embracing their shape and finding flattering ways to celebrate it. Lingerie is available in every shape and size, designed to make women feel beautiful in their own skin. Understanding lingerie design will help any woman select lingerie that makes the most of her full figure and gives her the confidence she needs to look and feel great.


The unfortunate truth is that selecting a lingerie style that is too tight, and that does not provide support will make a woman look lumpy and heavier than she is. Never select a size smaller than you need, and try everything on before you leave the store. Remember the goal is to look your best, so if you look your best in an 18 rather than a 16, embrace it.

Busty Women

If you are a busty woman select a style that shows and supports your cleavage. A loose and flowing nightie might look pretty, but it will not provide support for large breasts. Look for lingerie pieces that have a full bra with adjustable straps, back fasteners and underwires, or which have foam formed cups that give enough coverage and support to keep the breasts where they belong.

Hour-glass Women

If you are a woman with an hourglass shape select lingerie that emphasizes your waist. A corset that pinches in at the waist or a robe that ties at the waist will both enhance your natural body shape and your best assets. A nice solid coloured garment with a burst of colour at your narrowest point will also be flattering, especially if you are heavier below the waist.

Pear-shaped Women

If you are a pear shaped women select pieces with an Empire waist line and a flowing skirt that stops at the thigh. This uses the flowing cloth to camouflage your heaviest areas, and give you a defined shape. Avoid prints, instead select garments of a single colour with accenting lace at the neck and bottom hem.

Tall Women

Tall women typically have long legs, which should be celebrated. Tall women should pair pieces of lingerie which match their general body type with a garter belt and thigh high stockings. Thigh high stockings draw the viewer’s eye to the leg and highlight their length. Purchasing black stockings will also make the leg appear slimmer.

Athletic Girls

If you are an athletic girl with a square frame, embrace it and buy into the athletic lingerie cuts. Buy boycut shorts and a little tank top that accentuates your frame. If you want a more feminine look, search out baby doll style nighties with boy cut bloomers that both play on your style and add a more genteel finish.

No matter what your body type it is essential that you select pieces that you feel great it. Go with your gut instinct, if you don’t feel comfortable in a lingerie set in the store, you won’t feel comfortable in it at home. Take your time, try on multiple looks and select the pieces that best suit your unique shape and personality. In the end what matters most is how you feel in the lingerie.