How To Tie Fashionable Italian Scarves

By on September 3, 2012
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by Genèvieve Aemilius

It was in Rome where the first vestiges of the scarf took shape. Just by taking an in-depth look at the word itself, it is possible to understand what this piece of cloth was first used for. The word ‘scarf’ is literally translated from Latin into English as ‘sweat cloth’. They were used in hot weather to wipe sweat from the face and neck. The original wearers of Italian Scarves were men who tied them around their waists or belts, or wore them around the neck.

Italian Scarves

It was not long until women saw the benefits of wearing scarves, evening shawls and wraps. In time, the original purpose of the scarf (helping with cleanliness) was at least in part abandoned for a more fashionable statement among women. While the first Italian Scarves may have been made of cloth, today’s varieties are produced using pashmina wool, silk and other fine fabrics.

There are numerous ways to tie a scarf, and here is one of the easiest.

Using long rectangular Italian Scarves, fold them in half with ends meeting. You have created a loop on one end and the other is composed of both loose ends. Now place one of these folded scarves around the neck and pull the loose ends through the loop at the folded end of the scarf. Just tighten it loosely around your neck.

Another simple way to tie rectangular scarves is to fold the long scarf lengthwise until it is at the thickness desired. With the center at the back of your neck, tie a knot in it and pull it to the neck. If you wish, fluff the fabric to disguise the knot. The knot can also be pulled to the side.

Evening shawls and wraps, as well as some scarves, can be used as a sarong. Here is how you can do that.

Wrap the cloth lengthwise around your waist, holding it where you want it to hang. You should end up with two corners to work with. Tie these corners into a knot. There you have it, wasn’t that easy.

Beautiful Italian Scarves can also be used tied at the waist to represent a belt to add just the right touch to any outfit, or wrapped around a hat like a hat band.

Men should not be left out when talking about scarves. A classic European style for tying men’s scarves is the same as tying for a woman. Create the loop like before and thread the ends through for a quick and easy fashionable look.

Italian scarves are great when tied into a cravat for men. This is a simple procedure as well and looks great when finished.

Put the scarf around the neck and make the right side longer than the left and cross it over the shorter length. Pull this behind and around the left side, completing the left right sequence. Again pull the longer length over the short piece and wrap it under and then through the loop where it will hang on top and in front. Adjust the knot for comfort. For a formal look, add a pin at the center of the top.

Genèvieve Aemilius is a blogger and fashion consultant who is passionate about finding beautiful clothes from around the world. Check out a genuine source for true Italian scarves for both men and women here:

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