How to Find the Right Shoes to Fit Your Style

Iron Fist - Black and Blue Stripe Sink Ship Heel (Wide Width)
When it comes to fashion, shoes play a major role. You probably know the feeling of finding a pair of shoes that look incredible on the rack, but don’t properly fit your feet. Maybe you buy them anyway, but you probably won’t wear them long. There are a number of tips to consider when buying shoes to help you make the best decisions and get the most comfortable shoe for your money.

Sizes in the fashion world are not set in stone. Have your foot professionally measured, if necessary, and choose comfort over size. Always select a shoe size that leaves breathing room for your toes, a bit of room near the heel and enough space for the socks or hosiery that you normally wear. Tight-fitting shoes can lead to many problems, including calluses, blisters, deformation of the toes and even back pain.

Shoe Reviews
Especially if you plan to purchase shoes online, you may be interested in checking out some shoe reviews. In order to determine whether higher price means better quality, the current fashion trends and the level of comfort others find in a shoe, always read online reviews. These can usually be found on specific shoe forums or on the product page itself.

Before You Buy
Before making any fashion shoe selection, take the opportunity to walk around the store to make sure they are comfortable for both feet. Try to shop for shoes later in the day. At this point your feet have likely swollen a bit and this will help to avoid buying shoes that are too tight. If you’ll be shopping online, be sure to check the returns policy in case the shoes are uncomfortable. Lastly, you may want to think about your current wardrobe and make sure the shoes will go with the outfits you already own.