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By on April 14, 2011
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a name to look out for in 2007

Over the course of maintaining Pasazz.net, the site has given me the opportunity to get to know a lot of interesting people who are involved in the plus size clothing scene in some way. Be it fashion designers, models and writers. Lately I have been lucky enough to get to know Yul Kwon, who has introduced to what I am sure will become one of the leading plus size fashion labels in 2007, Missphit.

Missphit - StyleYul Kwon, managing director at Missphit introduced me to this plus size fashion line which is based in Los Angeles, California; a trendy line made for the plus size woman who is fashion forward in her style, yet selective with her fit. Missphit styles come from a team of talented designers who constantly search the world for ideas that keep them ahead if the ever changing junior fashions. Missphit emphasizes a higher quality in materials and construction with a designer’s eye for detail. This is a line that listens to what the unique plus size girls wants!

I was happy to come across such a fashion forward label, whose passion for the plus size fashion scene is obvious and evident when looking at the gorgeous style it offers. I was able to confirm this further when taking a first hand look at some of the Missphit styles. Here is a brief review of the styles I was able to try out, which will give you a good idea of the quality and style Missphit offers plus size women.

A top I fell in love with is the one pictured here on the right. With a strong oriental look, this kimono style of top is currently very much in vogue. The strech material of the bodice give this top a very comfortable fit, while hugging the curves for a perfect shape. The silky, oriental printed material, feel wonderful to the touch! I received a lot of compliments when wearing this top, and some friends couldn’t resist taking a feel of the material. It looks and feel very smooth and silky. This kind of top is perfect as it is very versatile, and therefore can be worn with many outfits and in different occasions. For instance, I easily wore this with sexy hugging jeans and high heels, for a casual and yet sophisticated look. However this top works very well also when coupled with a dark skirt, for a more formal look perhaps.

Another versatile top from Missphit, pictured here on the left, again comes in an oriental Kimono style. This time round however, this Kimono styled top comes in a chiffon material and is worn ‘robe style’ with a dark tank top underneath. The white floral detail gives this top added character. For a casual look this top is very easily worn with a pair of dark denim jeans and a stylish pair of shoes. A more formal look can be achieved by pairing this top up with black trousers, or a hugging dark skirt.  I love how this top flows freely, as it feels extremely comfortable, and that is something I always look for in clothing I wear. The aura this top creates is one of flamoyant flair.

Further Missphit styles are pictured below, which give you a good idea of the items Missphit carries.

One thing I noticed from the tops I had a look at, is the evident quality of the clothing. It is obvious that each and every top was created with dedication and care. The fabric used and workmanship scteams quality. A tiny, yet important, detail which caught my eye was the cute and colorful label attached to all the tops. It is sparkly and includes the Missphit flowers, which feature in Missphit’s logo. What’s so special about a label you might ask?  Well to me, making an effort to make something so small look so cute and stand out, assures me that the same care and effort was also put into creating all the Missphit styles.

IMissphit - Kimono style recently also had a look at Missphit’s Spring 2007 collection, and so far everything looks great! Missphit will definitely be a plus size fashion line we will be keeping an eye on in 2007 as it is set for success. Hopefully we will have the chance to take a closer look at some of these Springs styles also, and give you an run down of them. Although I am sure nothing but good stuff is available at Missphit.

A Missphit website is in the pipeline, and should be launced soon. The website will give you all a chance to get a look yourselves at the stylish plus size fashion offered by Missphit. We will definitely keep you updated on the progress of the website, and will let you know once it is officially launched.

In the meantime, look out for the Missphit name when shopping around at plus size boutiques online and a Dillards stores. You will be hearing more news from Missphit on Pasazz.net!

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