September 18, 2012

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Must Have Fashionable Travel Accessories – A Guide To Some Top Items That Should Accompany You On Your Travels

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With the travel season upon us, hordes of people will be boarding airplanes, catching trains or getting on boats in search of that much needed summer holiday. Whether you’re going on a European city break, destined for a tropical beach or travelling the world, there are a number of essential travel accessories that you simply must take with you to travel in style.

The Luggage

What luggage you take on holiday with you says a lot about your personality. Gone are the days when you can simply pack a few essentials into a rucksack and embark on your travels. This season to travel in style you need the perfect piece of luggage. It not only has to be practical for your chosen means of transport but also carry a great design too.

Suitcases are perfect but plain black or navy blue simply won’t do this season. Instead opt for something a little more colourful such as bold stripes or a heavy pattern with fashionable colours including bright pink, rich purple or turquoise. Your case will not only hold your clothes and other essentials but will also make it easy to spot when collecting your luggage too.

A luggage tag is a must have accessory this summer too. Opt for a leather luggage tag for stretch and durability but add a touch of fun to your luggage by choosing a bold design or shape that says something about you.

Fashionable Suitcase

Your suitcase says a lot about your personality

The Neck Pillow

Everyone knows that travelling is tiring so the must have fashion accessory this summer is a neck pillow. Although you could choose to take your bed pillow with you on your travels, it’s far from practical or stylish. Instead opt for a specially designed neck pillow which is compact to carry and moulds to the shape of your neck and head for maximum comfort. Neck pillows are available in most stations, ports and airports in a wide range of colours and styles.

 Travel Pillow

A neck pillow will allow you to rest in style

The Entertainment

Sitting on a train or waiting for plane transfers can be extremely boring so make sure you have plenty of entertainment with you. Reading is a great way to while away the hours but carrying bulky magazines or heavy books isn’t convenient when travelling. Instead invest in a Kindle. The Kindle allows you to browse and download books and magazines at your leisure so will ensure you have a constant supply of reading material. The latest generation of Kindle will also provide you with internet access through wireless technology so you have access to blogs and much, much more.

The Snacks

Keeping yourself hydrated and well fed on your journey is vital too. Opt for snacks which will release energy over time such as seeds and nuts instead of chocolates or sweets which will give you an immediate rush of sugar. You are unlikely to be tempted by your pre-sliced sandwiches whilst travelling so pack yourself something a little more stylish like wrap style sandwiches or a pasta salad. You’ll also save yourself some money by taking food with you too. A bottle of water is perfect for sipping as required and means you can easily re-fill when needed.

So whatever your travel destination this summer, follow the advice above to ensure you travel in style.

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