4 Classic Shoe Fashions That Will Never Die

By on May 21, 2012
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Guest post by Liz Granger.

At this point in the fashion world, we’ve seen it all – awkwardly high high heels, see-through heels with insects or flowers planted in them, even toe-curling shoes that look impossible to walk in. The thing with these particular fashions is that they may be fashionable now, but they’ll never last.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes, you’re going to want something that’s worth your money. Something that will last. Something that won’t hurt your feet and will never go out of fashion. How about giving one of these still-fashionable-classics a try?

Converse All-Stars

No longer just a pair of kicks for the boys, Converse has stepped up their game with it comes to their line of All-Stars. Guys, don’t worry, your Chuck Taylors have barely changed since they were launched almost 100 years ago (literally – Converses debuted as the first basketball shoe all the way back in 1917). But ladies, embrace the new styles on the market from this classic line.

You can now find feminine Converses that are just as fashionable and, most importantly, comfortable as ever. With a wide range of fabrics in every color, size, pattern and texture you can pretty much imagine (yes, even sequins), you’ll be sure to find something that you’ll love that will last.

If you’re feeling brave in your shoe expedition, check out the Converse line of women’s boots – these things really make a statement. They look just like the classic boys’ Chucks, but with feminine flair in the form of sexy lace-up fronts that go up to the knee. They’re fabulously comfortable boots that your boyfriend will love and your girlfriends will be jealous of, so don’t waste your time looking for any other pair of shoes. You’ll fall in love with the classic All-Star look.

Timberland Boots

Let’s be real here – when you see a classic pair of tan Tims walk by, you know the person wearing them has style and you really know that their feet are well-protected and comfy and cozy in those leather boots.

Well, maybe you don’t know it for a fact (especially if you’ve never worn a pair), but Timberland boots are known for both their durability and wearability. The classic 6″ mens boots are a footwear fashion statement as loud as the 4″ stilettos on the women’s side.

They’re great work boots, winter boots or even “sloshing around” boots for the nasty slushy kind of weather that comes as all of the snow is melting. And ladies, don’t worry, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to Tims, from classic boots to high boots to high heels. Which look you choose is based on your own style, but in the fashion world, none of these classic tan babies will ever go out of style!

Adidas Sneakers

It’s a global symbol of athleticism, speed, comfort and flexibility: the classic 3 colored stripes of the classic Adidas sneakers.

Since their introduction in Germany back in the 1940′s, the classic Adidas sneakers have launched to new heights in the world of athletic shoes. Now globally worn mostly for soccer, Adidas sneaks have become a classic.

I’ll never forget my first pair of Sambas – I was in middle school and they had red stripes and I weaved red laces through them to look super fly. I loved those shoes. And with good reason. They’re comfortable and reliable and so fashionable that you can practically wear them with anything (except maybe a cocktail dress).

Now manufactured in every color you can think of, you really have your pick when it comes to which Adidas shoes you want to rock on your feet, and the brand has even launched into the more supportive world of basketball shoes.

No matter which Adidas shoe you pick, you’ll always know that the three stripes on the sides of each of your feet will always be considered a classic, so you’ll never have to worry about these sporty things going out of fashion!

Flip Flops

Honestly, who doesn’t love flip flops? That first warm day of every year, it’s always so exciting to run to the closet and pull out your trusty pair of flops and break them back in for another summer season.

With a history dating back all the way to the 1900s back in Japan, flip flops have certainly worked their way through time to earn their place in modern fashion. And although they’re historically presumed to be a more casual form of footwear, it’s gotten much easier over the years to accomplish a number of different looks with a couple of simple pairs of flops.

Ladies can dress up flip flops like it’s their job. From strappy sides to even high heeled flops, there’s really a style of flip flop for every occasion you can think of. And guys, a single solid pair of flops can literally last you years. It’s hard to go wrong with these classics.

Oh, and the best part – once your feet get used to wearing them (it’s hard for some people to grasp the concept of actually having to hold the shoes to the feet as they walk, and even harder for some still to get used to the “thong” part between the big toe and the second toe), they’re ultra-comfy and can really be worn anywhere.

The next time you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes or sandals, consider one of these classics before you go trotting off to spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars on a pair of shoes that you’ll wear once. Why would you do that to yourself when you have these 4 awesome and inexpensive classics to choose from? Why? Why?

Liz Granger is a freelance writer and shoe shopaholic. She loves comfortable shoes that come in any fashion, but she admits that her favorites are definitely her classics.

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