The Return of 90s Fashion: 5 Key Looks for 2012

Neon - Summer Trend 2012

Guest post by Kat Cole. Most of us look back on the 1990s era and cringe over the clothing we wore. Although we can only hope that the likes of bum bags (or fanny packs), hair scrunchies, Kappa tracksuit bottoms with the ‘popper’ fasteners down the length of each leg, ridiculously baggy … [Read more...]

Classic vs Costume: Which Type of Jewellery is Best?

Plus Size Woman Wearing Jewelry

Guest post by Francesca. For many people the word "jewellery" conjures up images of exquisite pieces made from precious metals such as gold and platinum. While this is a fairly accurate description of fine jewellery, the majority of pieces we see in the high street are actually what is known as … [Read more...]

6 Fashion Styles That Defined The Decade


The most incredible thing about current fashion sensibility is its free-spirited inclusion of trends from the past. At no other point in our history have we been able to mix-and-match fashion foundations and style blunders into outfits that work well. Like the black P-coat, some fashion trends … [Read more...]

Ready to Wear: How to De-clutter Your Wardrobe

How To Organize Your Wardrobe

By Kristen Bailey. If you have a ton of clothes but never seem to have anything to wear, it’s time to give your closet a serious makeover. The prospect of going through your clothes may seem daunting at first, but follow these simple steps and you’ll end up with a wardrobe full of wearable … [Read more...]

4 Classic Shoe Fashions That Will Never Die


Guest post by Liz Granger. At this point in the fashion world, we've seen it all - awkwardly high high heels, see-through heels with insects or flowers planted in them, even toe-curling shoes that look impossible to walk in. The thing with these particular fashions is that they may be fashionable … [Read more...]