Top 5 Plus Size Halloween Costume Ideas

By on October 27, 2011
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So Halloween is just around the corner and you still don’t have a costume.  Think you’re running out of time?  Concerned that you might end up stapling raw steaks to a dress and telling people that you’re Lady Gaga?  Or even worse, worried you’ll have to hit the bars wearing the same costume as last year (gasp!)? Never fear! Eileen Sather of presents the top five hottest plus sized Halloween costumes, guaranteed to make you look and feel fantastic this Halloween.

1) Vampires

If you’ve been paying attention to TV and movies, you know that vampires are all the rage again this year.  Can you say True Blood?  The Vampires Diaries?  Breaking Dawn?  Don’t be left out!  Find that perfect blend of scary, sexy, and sophisticated this Halloween with the Versailles Vampiress costume.  This elegant dress can be easily paired with a men’s vampire costume for a spooky couple’s idea.

2) Marilyn Monroe

Do you love the spotlight?  Then put your movie star looks on display in this iconic Marilyn Monroe halter dress that never goes out of style.  This costume is great for Hollywood theme parties!

3) Sports

With the professional football season in full swing, you’ll be ready for some action in this sexy football player costume.  This costume is perfect for sporty girls who still want to show off their femininity…and a little leg.  Hey, you’ve worked hard for that body, all those long hours of playing the field.  Oops, on the field.  We meant playing on the field.

4) Wizard of Oz

Take your little munchkins trick-or-treating in this classic Dorothy costume.  This exclusive dress is comfortable enough to spend all day in, and it still flatters your form fabulously!

5) Flappers

Invited to a big Halloween bash?  Go dressed as a flapper—the ultimate party girl of the past!  This flapper dress is sparkly and sexy.  The best part?  You get to accessorize with colorful boas, jewelry, and headbands! Getting jazzed already?  We thought so.

Now that you know what to wear, you can start worrying about more important things…like which party to attend first.  Have fun!

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