Five Ways To Create Your Own Clothes And Accessories

By on October 11, 2012
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People who blindly follow fashion are often mistaken in their strategy for trying to look good and will often find that they don’t quite end up with the look they’re after. While following the fashion can ensure you are on-trend, and can make sure you look very contemporary, by itself it won’t necessarily make you look good.

Part of the reason for this is that what is trendy and ‘cool’ won’t necessarily suit you personally – your body shape, your colouring or your personality. When we dress this is supposed to be an outward extension of our personalities and it’s supposed to adorn and compliment who we are. Meanwhile if your look is a carbon copy of whatever is ‘fashionable’ with no personal touches, then it will lack creativity you will look like you’re trying too hard to be on trend. And ‘trying too hard’ is never a look you really want to go for.

As such then it’s crucial to make sure that you take these multiple factors into consideration when creating your look, and that you find a way to take the trends and fashions and to make them work for you. And one of the very best ways to do this is to make your own clothes and accessories from scratch, or at least to alter the existing clothes so that they work better with the look we’re trying to create. That way you can be bang on trend and make something contemporary, but at the same time you’ll look completely unique and you’ll know the items have been designed specifically for your own look.

Of course not all of us know how to go about making our own clothes and accessories and this can be the most difficult aspect for many of us trying to create unique items. Fortunately though technology and society has provide answers and there are actually several ways you can create your own things without lots of experience. Here are a few of them…

3D Printing: 3D Printing services basically allow you to upload a 3D wire mesh of an object you want printed and then to have that printed out in 3D. This way you can create your own jewellery, or other 3D accessories.

T-Shirt Printing: If you can’t make your own clothes, you can at least have your own images on basic garments – and using T-Shirt printing is a perfect way to do this that anyone can use.

Learn a New Skill: If you don’t currently have the skills to make your own clothes from scratch then there are plenty of facilities out there to help you learn – so try attending a knitting class, or just taking up a new hobby like sewing and eventually you’ll be able to turn your hand to making clothes.

Get Creative With Scissors: It doesn’t take any skill to be able to cut off some sleeves and shorten some trousers. All it takes is a bit of daring and a keen eye to know what’s going to look good.

Specially Made Items: Of course if you lack the skills to make your own jewellery or clothes there are plenty of people who can do this for you. Find a seamstress for instance and ask them to make you a pair of trousers or a top to specification and usually they’ll be able to create something exactly the way you want it. Alternatively go to a jewellers and select some stones and draw a shape for your band and you can get a ring or bracelet made.

Nicholas Boulton is a fashion designer who view fashion as nothing less than a way to communicate the inner workings of the mind. Click here to browse amazing Rainbow Sapphire Collection.

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