Dress Up Your Suit Before Summer is Over!

By on September 18, 2012
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As August comes to an end we can feel the slight breeze of fall coming in through our hair and starting its familiar chill on our skin. It’s sad, but true, summer is almost over and we will have to go through another long winter to just to get back to the beaches.

However, we still have a few more weeks left so we might as well stock up on the bathing suits that are now going on sale and hit the beaches as much as we can. Since it’s the last weeks of summer you want to look your best, in case you haven’t snagged a summer fling yet. So instead of wearing just your bathing suit, add some fun accessories to grab some attention.

Bling It Out

Okay, so you can wear a swimsuit that is beadazzled already but it always falls off in the ocean. Try pairing your swimsuit with some fun body chain/jewelry which will cause the eye to follow up and around specific parts of your body. Large and obnoxious watches will also look great with the so little that you are wearing, or long necklaces that dangle around your neck to your navel will look great with a tiny swimsuit.


Depending on which beach you are sunbathing on, you can wear different types of fun hats that will protect your face and match your outfit. For example, if you are in Europe you can get away with wearing an oversized floppy hat, you know the ones that are in those old Hollywood movies. The only people that will be looking twice will be the ones that are in envy.

If you are someplace more casual in the states, a baseball cap will do or a small cap in general. Another favorite in the beaches of Florida are sun hats made out of tweed and straw. Tie a pretty scarf around the brim that matches your suit and let it flow in the wind while you walk the ocean shores.

Cover Ups

Kaftans are a favorite among many women to accessories their suits, cover up and keep warm as the sun sets. There are so many different types of kaftans that you can easily find one that matches all of your suits or your personal style. Try a see through kaftan for something more daring, one with frills to get that bohemian look or something a little more conservative with bright bold patterns.

If a kaftan is not your thing, try wearing a beach skirt which is made to go over your bottom suit and wear them in the water. Beach skirts are made usually from swimsuit material, but you can also buy them in styles of fringe and gypsy coins.

Have fun with your accessories and try to mix and match the different looks together, or put all three together. Accessories help bring an outfit together but also will get you any attention you are craving so it all depends on what you are looking for. Whatever you wear, enjoy the last days of summer before they fizzle out.

Try one of these pretty swim dresses with your swimsuit as a cute accessory.

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