Blast from the Past: The Rise in Vintage Style Trends

By on September 17, 2012
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by Stephen Craig

It is a well-known fact by now that “something old” will eventually become “something new” in the world of fashion, but the interest in vintage clothing styles has experienced its largest rise of popularity yet with fashionistas and fashionisters alike. Many prefer the cuts, colors, and lines of clothes from past decades; the local Salvation Army, GoodWill, and consignment shops have been surprised to host a great surge of well-dressed and not exactly down on their luck patrons looking for that original piece.

Making Vintage Current

So in turn, certainly not one to be left out, current designers have picked up on this mindset and have begun to make new designs with styles incorporated from vintage clothing favorites. The runways and stores are filled with vintage styles with a modern twist, or an outfit with modern pieces blended with vintage which is termed, “mixing it up.” URBN, the parent company of the popular stores (which not coincidentally always have a vintage flair in their clothing items) Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People, has even recently opened a bridal boutique that solely offers vintage-style bridal dresses. The comeback is real.

This summer was the return of the eighties inspired boldly printed maxi dress and jumpsuit/romper for ladies, along with seventies inspired color-blocked jumpsuits and rompers. The baggy jeans of the years before have been replaced with closer-fitting, worn in denim coupled with a slightly faded t-shirt and maybe some Wayfayer-styled glasses with classic sneakers for men.

Trends in the Upcoming Fall Season

Autumn is loved by many lovers of fashion; cooler weather means that the layering can begin with scarves, funky jackets and blazers, and more. Look for fifties-inspired styles in classic items such as pencil skirts and high-waisted wide legged pants with no want for print and color for the ladies, while men’s styles will channel the sixties with patterned shirts ranging from paisley to any geometrical shape splashed over them. Word on the runway is that the all-time classic leather bomber jacket will be making a big return as well.

The 1960s will make its statement in hairstyles as well, with the 1960s ponytail making its grand re-entry for women along with the Great Gatsyesque vintage bob giving its nod to the twenties. Look to see the classic slicked with a side part hairstyle come back in a big way for men this fall, along with with the Undercut, a 1920s-30s inspired look that consists of the sides and back cut short, and the top slicked back.

Very exciting to see old familiars (even if they were only seen in family pictures) come back to life with a modern twist on vintage clothing. Here’s to happy thrifting escapades as well as new discoveries in today’s hottest fashions!

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