The Personality of Perfumes and How to Wear Them

By on August 3, 2012
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Perfumes come in a myriad of different scents with hundreds if not thousands of different bases and combinations. You can purchase perfume in a wide range of price levels, meaning that this luxury item is a beautiful accessory for any budget. “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Say’s Christian Dior, a famous perfumer, and I believe him to be right.

Perfumes have as much personality as you do, and each perfume will smell different on you than on anyone else. This is usually because of the ph balance of your skin and the amount of oil in your skin, but it allows you to have a unique scent that is identifiable to you.

PerfumesEveryday Perfume

Everyday perfume is any perfume that you can wear anywhere. This should include work, the doctor’s office, or etc. Usually, an everyday fragrance should be something that you really love, is fresh, and not overpowering. Perfume that you wear everyday will most likely become your signature scent, so you should choose it wisely. Most of the time, a great signature scent is anything that is classic, elegant and beautiful without being overly strong or smelling of any one thing. Perfume choices that many women make for everyday wear include fruity scents like DKNY Be Delicious or Katy Perry Purr and light floral scents such as Cool Water Game Femme, L’Air du temps or Kenzo Flowers. Fresh scents tend to be lighter, more elegant and more feminine without being overpowering, which makes them especially good for everyday wear. Lightly spiced scents (such as those that contain amber, sandalwood or opium) are also good for everyday wear so long as you do not wear too much of them. Remember that if you work in a small area, your perfume will become overpowering if it is especially strong. Fresh scents like YSL Yvresse are also great for wearing in the morning because they will help to wake you up.

Everyday perfumes should be scents that you love, but that are easy for many people to love. Most of the time, these include light floral and fruity scents with notes of apple, peach, jasmine, lavender or vanilla. These scents are all sweet, feminine and light. You can find them in brands like Katy Perry Purr, Cool Water Game Femme and DKNY Be Delicious. However; it is important to note that you shouldn’t purchase a perfume just because you like an ingredient. Perfumes react differently on your skin so you should always try the perfume on before you buy it. Something that smells lovely on your best friend’s skin might not smell good on you, and vice versa. It’s always a good idea to experiment with different perfumes until you find a couple that you really love.

The Personality of the Perfume

As stated above, not all perfumes are suitable to be worn every day. While many women love musky fragrances, some people do find them offensive.  Perfumes each have their own personality. Depending on the scent, this can be anything from light and girly to complicated and deep.  Scents like Elizabeth Arden Splendor or YSL Yvresse tend to be feminine and sophisticated while Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme is normally a little bit more girly. Most of the time, the sweeter the scent, the ‘younger’ it’s personality, so if you don’t want to come off as very young, avoid anything that smells exceptionally sweet or candy-like. Usually it’s best to stick with something light and floral like Cacharel Anais Anais or Diesel Plus Plus Femme for every day wear and save the richer scents for wearing out.

If you want to try out a lot of different perfumes, the easiest way to do so is to purchase cheap perfume online. When you buy perfume at a discount, you are saving money so that you can afford another bottle more quickly!

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