Mummy Fashion: The Do’s and Don’ts if You Want to be a Trendy Mummy

By on August 22, 2012
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Just because you’re a mummy, that’s no reason to live in a pinny or hide your post-baby body under swamping maternity smocks! Your figure – and your priorities – may have changed, but that’s not to say that you need to kiss goodbye to ever looking decent again!

Fashion of recent times celebrates all kinds of figures, including that post pregnancy belly or the MMT- the mummy-muffin-top! Whether the intention is purely comfort, of you’re looking for something to show off what a yummy mummy you are, sticking to the following tips will help you feel comfortable and confident after giving birth.

Yummy Plus Size Mummy

DO go for garments that you like. Too many new mothers make the mistake of making an image overhaul because they feel their previous attire wasn’t ‘motherly’ enough or suitable for motherhood. If this sounds like you, put that idea out of your head immediately. Although your priorities have changed, you don’t need to lose the essence of yourself because you have a child. Sticking to trends and looks that you like will actually help you adjust to motherhood by allowing you to feel comfortable in your skin. Given, you may not fancy baby vomit on your favourite dress, but when you’re out and about there’s no need to don ankle length skirts and nana-cardies.

DO stick to apparel that complements and fits. You may have been dreaming about fitting back into your skinny jeans after giving birth but you need to be realistic. There is nothing worse than ill-fitting clothing that is bursting at the seams. Not only will it look unflattering and make you appear bigger than you really are, it will also be unbearably uncomfortable. A great way to cover a post pregnancy belly is with a peplum top or dress. Opt for peplums with an overskirt that starts at the narrowest part of your waist. This will accentuate your frame and make you look more slender, whilst covering any baby bulginess that you have yet to shift.

DO go with the maxi. The maxi dress was practically invented for pregnant and post birth ladies. The long sweeping design glides over any bumps, and is both elegant and stylish. The maxi dress is also a great way to keep cool during the hot summer months without overbearing the flesh! Go for a light cotton dress that is breathable and loose for ultimate comfort.

If you want your fashionable look to go that little bit further, why not visit Baby and Co and get a great looking buggy, or perhaps take a look on Baby Chic 101, a baby fashion blog (I didn’t even know they existed; ah the wonders of the internet, I suppose…)

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