How to Guide: Day to Night Makeup

By on August 16, 2012
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How to go from day time drag to night time fab in less then 30 minutes!

Friday night usually means, casual dressing at work and partying later in the evening. Casual dressing makes it super easy to take your clothes from day to night because you can literally switch just one item that you are wearing and your outfit becomes night time appropriate.

Day to Night Makeup Look

However, your hair and makeup might take more time to go from day to night. You don’t want to go out with your hair in an office pony-tail or with your makeup looking dull and overworked. We’ve seen those girls out before, hair is a ratty mess with tangled ends and their makeup looks like they just stepped out of a steam room, running and shiny.

Here are some quick and easy ways to take your hair and makeup from day time drag to night time fab.


If you are planning on going out you have two options for prepping your hair. If you want cute curls take a shower and while your hair is damp, not soaking wet, put it up with pin curls or in braids. You can also simply twist your hair into a bun.  Take it out before going out, add in a little hair spray and tease where it’s necessary. You will have effortless waves and curls without doing much of anything.

Straight hair allows for an arrangement of hair styles, so the prep is easy. After showering, straighten your hair with an iron or blow dryer. If you are afraid of frizzing use an anti-frizz serum and keep a brush with you. At night, style in whichever way you feel fit whether it is half up, a classic bun or a straight look with accessories.


During the day keep everything neutral tones so you can build upon it later. Put your base of foundation on, maybe some lip gloss, a nude shadow and mascara.

At night add concealer to places that need touch ups, add a finishing powder to eliminate the shine and a bronzer to give you color. Now your eyes and lips need to go together so if you do a heavy eye, keep it light on the lips and vice versa.

My favorite night eye is a simple smudge eye, which is similar to the smoky eye but toned down. With a nude lid, add your favorite colored liner and use a heavy hand. Using a blending brush, blend the liner back and forth, into your crease and below your water line. Blend until soft looking, add a highlighter to your brow and another layer of mascara. Nude lips with gloss top the look and ta-da you have the easiest night look in seconds.


Your options are limitless for quick night time looks so have fun with it and try out other options, but try other options when you have more time so you know before what works and doesn’t work. The point of day to night looks is to look amazing with very little effort and supplies and that’s what these looks will help you achieve!

Now that you know how to go from day to night with your hair and makeup, grab a beautiful formal dress to complete the look!

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