Getting The Anne Hathaway Look

By on August 6, 2012
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Guest Post by Kieron Casey

Since bursting onto the Hollywood scene with her child-friendly Ella Enchanted and The Princess Diary films, Anne Hathaway has progressed into a more mature acting career which has seen her appear in summer blockbusters and gain nominations for a couple of Oscars. Along the way, Hathaway has managed to cultivate a classy off-screen persona too and, due to her sleek, elegant, style, has blossomed into an actress always stealing the spotlight at red carpet premiers and in magazine photo-shoots too. How, exactly, has Hathaway managed to perfect her Audrey Hepburn-esque look?

Glossy Lip-stain

Despite often plumping for elegant red carpet choices of outfit which are reminiscent of Hollywood of old, Hathaway has no problems with combining older styles and more contemporary trends to a winning degree. Alongside her wide, open, doe-eyes, Hathaway has also always managed to draw attention to her lips with her use of vibrant and glossy lip-stick choices. As the Rachel Getting Married actress has such pale, porcelain skin to begin with, any extra colour on her face is always likely to stand out so plumping for bold, rose reds, as she does, makes for quite the statement. One favourite of the actress is Chanel’s Rouge Coco Lip Colour in Rivoli which, to reach the desired intensity, is blotted on the lips before adding Arden’s Eight Hour Cream on top to keep the lips having a moist appearance, resulting in a bright hue.

Feminine Style

Despite her latest pixie crop, a style she has sported since cutting her hair short for the up-coming Les Miserables film, Hathaway has always managed to maintain an ultra-feminine style managing to be sexy whilst never going over the top and always remaining, firmly, on the right side of classy and sophisticated. One way in which Hathaway does this is knowing how to compliment her unique features and enhance her natural feminity. Instead of allowing her pale skin to become a burden a and choosing outfit colours that wash her out, the Dark Knight Rises actress will often team paler colours, such as whites, with accessories, such as subtle jewellery, or printed designs giving her a lively look. The actress will often also wear these classy designs is figure complimenting styles taking great care in remaining sophisticated by not showing off too much – oftentimes when wearing a dress which reveals her cleavage, the actress will make sure that her legs are not on display and vice versa. Similarly the actress makes the most of her long neck by wearing dresses which compliment this shape. Hair-style choices have often been another way of enhancing Hathaway’s natural femininity and the actress has always taken great care to sport hair-cuts which would suit her facial shape and features – by teaming fringeless styles, swept out of her face, the actress has been able to draw attention to her large, open features.


As The Devil Wears Prada and The Dark Knight Rises show – Hathaway is no slouch in a pair of killer high heels and looks just as comfortable performing action scenes in them as she is posing on the red carpet. Despite already having long, shapely, slender legs, Hathaway benefits from the leg-lengthening properties that heels give the wearer and her choice of footwear contributes to her statue-esque figure. That heels also add to the glamorous look she has perfected is a bonus. Hathaway will often team a pair of designer shoes with a figure complimenting dress to top off the elegant look that has become, in recent years, her trademark.

Kieron Casey is a fashion blogger who writes regularly about celebrity styles for Barratts. They boast a fantastic and varied range of womens shoes.

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