Festival Essentials for the Fashion-Forward

By on August 7, 2012
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Guest Post by Jane Shilton

It’s festival season, so it’s time to get prepared. With all these extreme weather conditions, a fashionista needs to singlehandedly battle the mud, the elements, and come out the other side looking fabulous.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.

Your Itinerary


This summer, you won’t need these to protect you from the sun. However, sunglasses are perfect for hiding the sins of the weekend, and your lack of make-up.

Colourful Jewellery and Accessories

Festivals are all about vibrancy. Jazz up your plain outfits with bold colours, or get lost in the crowd. A bright necklace is great for that holiday vibe, even if it feels as if summer is a distant memory.

Music Festival

Nail Polish

An ideal pastime when you’ve got an hour between gigs to yourself. Neon colours are fashion trending at the moment, and you can score points with your friends by doing theirs too. You never know, you might even get a free drink out of it.


Blanket, toga, towel, picnic blanket, bandage, hairband, makeshift t-shit…there are a million uses for scarves, and they take up minimal space in your festival backpack.


When the mud levels are approaching your knees, you’ll be grateful for these. Festivals usually overcharge, so buy a pair of wellies in advance. Get a high quality pair with a versatile colour, and these lifesavers can last you for years!

For when you don’t want to be clopping around in rubber boots, pack practical flat shoes for women.


Sure, you’ll probably wish you had something more substantial (like a gazebo) to protect you from the rain, but you’ll be thankful of something stylish when your hair explodes on day two.


Jump at the chance to wear something you wouldn’t get caught dead in on the street. Find a colourful headband, or a floral wreath, and become a festival princess.


Go Victorian and carry a little tipple with you for those chilly evenings. Or if you get tired of queuing at festival bars.

Face Wipes

The best approach to removing make-up at a festival is head on. These wipes will problem-solve your lack of washing facilities, and also prove handy for a myriad of issues. Trust us – wipes are a festival-goers best friend.


The wind hates your face. Fact. Vaseline will sort out those chapped lips, and also give you a practical layer of gloss.


Unless you can charm one off a boy’s back, arm yourself with a comfy hoody. They are far more stylish than an anorak, if you get caught in the rain.

UV Paint

Festival-goers are famous for their arsenal of UV paint. Get there first with your own set, and glow at raves.


Sometimes a handbag just doesn’t cut it. Fortunately, there are many stylish rucksacks you can carry with you this summer, to fit all your festival essentials. Choose one in a striking colour, so you’re easy to spot when your friends need to find you.

Miniature Products

If there is something you do not want, it’s large bottles of toiletries burst over your festival survival pack. Mini is the way forward. Buy durable, small versions of all your favourite products, and walk with a lighter step.

Written and contributed on behalf of handbag and footwear company Jane Shilton. Click here to find out more.

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