Closet Essentials for College Girls

By on August 11, 2012
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Party DressGuest Post by Mercedes Potter

Today’s fashion trends are similar to a melting pot. From flowing vintage wear to chic clean cuts, and many different styles in between, there is a style for every girl out there. Mixing different eras is not only acceptable, but unique, as composing a well-balanced outfit expresses personal style. Although trending looks change as often as the seasons, there a few basic pieces that every woman should have on hand. Key items like a pant or skirt suit, form fitting jeans, walking sneakers and stunning party dresses apply to women of all ages including college girls. Being in college requires preparation for not only your studies, but potential opportunities in which your clothing may play a huge role.

The ultimate goal in college is to further your education to ensure a stable career. While a degree may put you ahead of the game post college, many employers hire based off experience. Gaining experience in your field by taking on an internship will be crucial for your career path and will also give you an idea of what to expect from a job specific to your major. Dressing professionally in a tailored pant or skirt suit will give a good first impression when interviewing for your internship. You have to dress the part to get the part, and a suit will read as responsible to your employer.

College years consist mostly of studying so a few good pair of jeans are necessary. Being away from home for the first months will be strange enough so it is extremely important to feel comfortable in your own skin. Purchase quality jeans that look good enough to wear to class and comfortable enough to sit Indian style while pulling an all-nighter in the library. Dark wash jeans work well for class, as they look clean and put together with anything, while lighter-wash or destroyed jeans are good for late nights.

Larger colleges quite naturally have huge campuses which can become a nuisance if you don’t have the right shoes. Walking to and fro, from class to class and building to building can take a toll on your feet if your shoes don’t give you the right support. Sneakers of good quality will come in handy when you’re late to class and have to sprint to get there on time or even for a day when you have back to back classes and will be on your feet. You can buy cute pairs now that don’t look like sports shoes.

Since most college students claim to be broke, stashing away a few party dresses before the semester starts is a good plan. There’s nothing wrong with attending a few college parties and letting your hair down for some well-deserved fun. Not only will a great dress make you feel good, but it may act as a conversation piece while mingling with peers. They are a great change from the sweatshirts you may wear to class, and you will definitely turn heads.

Closet essentials can make, break or save you while enjoying your college years. Be responsible, prepared and don’t leave home without them. It’s better to have and not need, than need and not have.

Mercedes Potter is an elite writer with a passion for fashion. She advises upcoming college freshman girls of key essentials they’ll need through out the school years. If you liked this post, follow her on Twitter @CedesPotter to read other fashion blog posts she has written.


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