4 Fashion Tips for Pants Shopping

By on August 30, 2012
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Big and Tall Pants ShoppingThere is an extensive list of mens fashion tips throughout the internet, but not that many articles focus on tips that men could follow when they want to shop for a good quality pair of pants. Since most men do not have the seemingly natural talent of shopping for great deals on great clothes, it is important that they have some sort of guidance when it comes to making the right decisions whenever they enter a clothing store. Wearing fashionable and comfortable pants is very important in any circumstance, because a shopping mishap can lead to months of uncomfortable clothes and also wasted money. Here are four mens fashion tips that you can consider when shopping for your pants.

1. Alteration Is Your Highest Priority

While it is cheaper to simply buy pants off of the rack, they will most likely not fit you well at all. Even if you have to buy less pants or go with a slightly lower quality material, shopping at a store with a good tailor will be most beneficial in the long run. With a tailor you can ask questions to an expert about fit and not have to worry so much on finding exactly the right size. You can have the pants altered to exactly your body type so they will be perfectly comfortable from day one.

2. Decide On Pleats and Cuffs First

This should be your first decision before color so you can narrow down your options and only look at relevant pants on the shelves. If you are taller, cuffs are probably a better option. If you are larger, pleats will be more comfortable. Talk to a store associate or your tailor for more advice about what is exactly the right style for you. In America, pleated, cuffed pants are considered a bit dressier, so maybe you will want to get both styles to fit different occasions.

3. Make Sure Colors Match

When choosing a color and material, make sure they look good with whatever coats you are planning to wear with the pant. Sometimes different material types simply do not mix, even if the colors do. And make sure that the colors match coats, shirts, and ties you already own, or are planning to buy. A quality pair of pants is worthless if you have nothing with which to pair it.

4. Have A Budget and Stick To It

Research beforehand what the prices are at the stores where you will be shopping and create a budget before you enter. This will prevent against spending too much money and putting yourself in a tough financial situation. High quality clothing is very nice but it can get very expensive fast. If you need to be on a budget, stick to it and do not go over. You will thank yourself later when you get your credit card bill.

These mens fashion tips are highly effective and can work for almost any man’s wardrobe. Make sure that you follow each one without taking any shortcuts or deviations and you will be able to obtain the fashionable look of your dreams.

This article is written by Stylepilot, a website dedicated to mens clothing and providing visitors the best in mens fashion tips.

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