A Summer Style Must Have

Guest post by Candi Cole 

We are well into summer and everyone is searching for that must have style accessory of the season.  The style of sunglasses we choose gives others a glimpse into our personality and style.  There are fashion sunglasses that are oversized, cat eyes, retro, aviator, sporty, or one of the many others.

After choosing your style, you have the option of material that they are made from, and then you must decide whether you would like to see everything through rose-tinted lenses, blue or green tint, mirrored or just dark tinted lenses.  There are so many options out there, that after spending my entire day online shopping, I am convinced that the options are truly limitless!

If you are a little more spunky, perhaps novelty shades are more your style.  If so, they come in any shape you can dream up and that includes a pair shaped like a giant mug of beer or one of the others that light up!

 ASOS Mega Oversized 70's Sunglasses

After swimming through what felt like an endless ocean of sunglasses online, I came across a site that offered something that truly caught my attention.  This site satisfies style, personality, and took it one step further than any other I visited; giving me a whole new perspective on my summer shades.

I found a site that sells wholesale novelty party shades, but that’s not all!  This company will create decals with my business and/or brand and add them to the lens of a pair of sunglasses.  The frame they chose is a timeless style that has been marketed for at least the past 30 years.

Thus, I was able to find a stylish pair of shades that I can also use to market my brand and have people everywhere wearing them to promote…ME!  I am always looking for something different than all the rest, that will show my personal style and I think I have just stumbled across a way to market my business in the same way that I choose to market myself!

So, if you are sitting there flipping through endless pages of Internet sites in search of the perfect pair of shades or the perfect way to market your business, I recommend checking out Riibers.com.  In case you are just looking for your own pair of novelty sunglasses for the summer, they have those too! Set in the same style frame they have decals with crazy eyes, poker themes, retro, or pretty much anything under the sun!  Check ‘em out!

Candi Cole is a freelance writer who wrote this article about Party Sunglasses after discovering them on Riibers.com.


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