The Shoes To Be Seen In This Summer

Guest post by Charlotte Woods

Shoes For Summer 2012Humans have come an awful long way since the first forms of footwear; the oldest confirmed shoes ever to have been found have been shown to be more than ten thousand years old and appear to have been woven out of sagebrush bark. Today, the problem is not learning how to weave your own sandals, but how to choose from the bewildering range and variety of shoes on offer.

Fashions come and go, but have the advantage of letting us know what we should be wearing on our feet from one year to the next. Shoes are no longer simply practical, they are status symbols and fashion statements that play a role as important as clothing in any individual’s appearance. So, what should we be wearing on our feet during the summer of 2012?

Pointy Toes

The recent trend for rounded toes will be fading fast this summer, making way for sharp pointed toes on boots, sandals and high heeled and kitten heeled shoes for a sexier, less girly take on femininity.

Metallic Toes

If shoes have metallic and pointy toes, then they tick two fashion boxes for Summer 2012. Metallic toes may have belonged previously to the realm of work boots, protecting the toes of the nation’s builders; now they are keeping the rather more delicate toes of fashionistas safe from harm. The other difference is that the metallic toe cap has to be visible rather than hidden under the leather.


Many a designer has gone wild with the wedge designs this summer; it can feel like wedges never really go out of fashion, so for those of us who are short of cash this year, digging out our old wedges may actually be acceptable.

Transparent Shoes

Yes, this year, some of the most innovative and cutting-edge shoes are partially invisible, so keep your eyes open for sheer or transparent shoe uppers and / or heels if you want your feet to do the talking this season.

While these trends have been gracing the catwalks in preparation for the launch of Summer collections, high street and budget footwear manufacturers have, as usual, been quick to create their own interpretations of these inspired designs.

As a result, you don’t need a wallet the size of a supermodel’s in order to indulge your passion for fashionable footwear this year, and by the time they start to look a little worse for wear, it’ll be time to move on to the next must-have models!

What shoes will you be wearing next season?

Charlotte Woods gives an insight, writing for Direct-2Ufootwear Ltd. On Ployvore

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