Why Your Comfortable Bras May Not Be Providing the Coverage You Need

Guest post by Candy Schmidt.

Plus Size Bra - Are You Wearing The Right Size?Nearly every woman has at least one bra that she wears on a regular basis. You might consider this your go-to bra because you know that you can wear it all day without feeling any pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, those comfortable bras might not provide as much coverage as you want or need. Bras come in different sizes and types, and each bra type provides a different level of coverage. Your comfortable bra might feel comfortable because it is slightly larger than you actually need.

When you buy a new bra, you need to measure your chest. This typically involves wrapping a measuring tape underneath your chest and adding four inches to the size, measuring across your breasts and subtracting the number. This will give you your correct bra size. Many women have problems determining their bra size because they cannot measure themselves properly. Because of this, some women wear the wrong bra size for years. If you think that you might wear the wrong bra size, you should visit a lingerie store or lingerie department. One of the sales associates can measure your chest and fit you with the right bra size within a few minutes.

All women should wear comfortable bras, but you also need a bra that provides the coverage that you need. Bras come in dozens of different types, and each type provides some support and coverage. If you do not get the right amount of coverage from your regular bra, you should look for a different type. The underwire bra has a small piece of metal that wraps around the bottom of each cup. The metal underwire pushes your breasts up, which provides some lift for your breasts. You can also find underwire bras that are slightly slanted, which pushes the breasts together for more cleavage. Not all women like the support of an underwire bra because women with larger breasts can feel uncomfortable in these bras.

If you need more coverage, you might choose a sports bra. Manufacturers make these bras for women who enjoy sports. These bras keep your breasts from bouncing around painfully when running or doing other types of physical activity. Sports bras have an elastic band that wraps underneath the bra, which gives you additional support. These bras are also much larger than traditional bras, and the bras give you more coverage.

The demi bra provides support but little coverage. Some women consider demi bras as comfortable bras because the bra lifts and separates the breasts. The bras have a small metal underwire that lifts each breast, but the bra only covers the breast up to the nipple or slightly higher. Balconette bras are slightly similar except that these bras provide less coverage. Those with smaller breasts like these bras because they provide more cleavage, and those with larger chests prefer the bras because they feel comfortable.

You can also find different types of bras, including bandeau bras, triangle bras, half-cup bras, and padded bras. Padded bras have additional padding inside, which can provide more coverage. The padding hides the nipples and can prevent unwanted accidents because the padding completely covers the breasts. Triangle bras and bandeau bras are best for those with smaller chests because the bras offer little coverage or support. Some women might prefer a bustier bra because it lifts the breasts and offers more support.

No matter how much you love your comfortable bras, you still need the right amount of coverage. The bra should work as well with skimpy tank tops as it does with lightweight tee shirts. You need a bra that is not visible when worn underneath a thin tee shirt, but you also need a bra that provides support for your chest. You might need to try several bras before you find the best one.

An accomplished fashion designer, Candy Schmidt is always writing about the cutting edge of womens’ fashion. Control shapewear is a topic that has gained significant attention in the past few years.

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