7 Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Nourished

Secrets to Healthy & Nourished HairWhen it comes to hair, everyone has a different definition of beautiful. Yet, there’s one thing everyone can agree on. Healthy hair is beautiful hair. Though some individuals are blessed with naturally resilient locks and others have more delicate strands, there are things everyone can do to maximize their hair potential. Every hair type, from fine to thick and from straight to curly, can benefit from these simple tips.

Hot Oil Treatments

These can be bought pre-packaged. However. olive oil that has been warmed up works just as well. The oil should be heated gently by sitting it into hot water to slowly warm up. Be careful not to overheat, as there is nothing pleasant about burning your hair or skin.

Rinsing Beer Through Hair

Rinsing your hair in beer after shampooing it is a great way to achieve extra shine and softness. Half of a can is enough and it only needs to soak for thirty seconds or so. Vinegar is another surprisingly great rinse for hair.

Eat Healthy

It’s not only what goes on your hair that matters, but what goes into your body. A balanced diet pays off in healthy hair. Supplements are sold in store that claim to aid in hair growth, but the best way to get the vitamins and protein needed is through an appropriate diet. Fish, eggs, vegetables and even oysters are ideal foods for healthy hair, as well as being delicious.

Regular Haircuts

This is one of the most important tips of all. Split and dry ends will sabotage hair faster than anything else. Regular haircuts will keep ends healthy, which keeps hair beautiful. Hair should be trimmed every three to six months to keep ends healthy.

Avoid Tools

Hair elastics and hair dryers can both result in broken and damaged hair.

All the hair treatments and healthy diets in the world won’t matter if hair is being abused daily with these items. There are hair safe ponytail holders and gentle hair dryers available in the market, so anyone who values their hair should make the effort to seek those out.

Don’t Wash Hair Everyday

Every other day is plenty when it comes to washing your hair. Washing your tresses too often can result in dry hair that has been stripped of its natural oils. Rather than washing it every day, make sure to brush hair gently to distribute those natural oils all the way throughout your locks. Your hair will thank you.

Avoid Product

Much like elastics and hair dryers, harsh styling products can damage previously healthy hair. Read product reviews carefully and use styling products in moderation. Not all products are created equal and even some expensive brands can be less than hair friendly when used frequently. It’s a good idea to give your hair a break from styling all together every once in a while. Un-styled, natural hair is gorgeous as long as its healthy.

Daphne Bild is a hair stylist who enjoys blogging, loves Sudoku, and just saved a ton on health insurance at www.healthinsurancequotes.org - which is great for her hair!

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  1. Dora Motley says:

    Actually the tips are pretty useful. Hair is an important part of our appearance. I would say lots of things depend on what you prefer to eat. A well-balanced food will help to stay healthy and look great. I don’t loke to but various masks for my hair. I usually have home-made masks. For examples, kefir masks, mustard and egg masks.
    Thanks for nice share!

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