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Plus Size Woman in a Little Black DressWhen I was picking out a dress to wear to my friend’s wedding I had a very hard time picking a style that suited me. I have a pear shape figure and I am definitely bigger on the bottom than I am on the chest. With heavy set thighs I found many of the dresses I was looking at seemed to accentuate my big hips and to make things worse they also seemed to cling onto my thighs, probably my least liked feature.

Finding Out What Figure You Have is the Best Place to Start

I decided to do some research into what clothes look best on pear shapes and I found some really great information.  After I was informed I also helped my friends pick out their clothes too, based on their body shape. Once you know what looks best it’s pretty easy to get it right. All you are left with is finding the cuts and shapes which suit you in the colours which suit your skin tone.  So here is what I found out, if you need to buy a dress for any occasion use this guide and you’ll be looking fabulous and feeling confident for the big event.

Pear Shaped Body

Pears have larger hips, bums and thighs just like me and it’s important to balance out the shape of the body using clothes. I selected an empire cut dress which accentuated my bust. I chose a single colour, a light pinky colour, which wasn’t close fitting. The fabric was light and floaty and it skimmed over my hips and reached down to my ankles. I felt comfortable and confident, just what you need to feel while wearing a dress.

Feminine Apples

I found that apple shaped women don’t have defined waists.  My mother is a pair and I found out it is a good idea to make the most of the amazing features often found in apple bodies such as amazing legs and a generous bust.  Empire lines work well again and so do A-line dresses. It’s a good idea to buy a dress which draws in at the waist or has detail and fabric draped over to one side. This creates the illusion of a cinched in waist and works really well.

The Sweet Strawberries

Strawberry was a body shape I had never heard of before, but it happened to be the shape of my best friend. She has quite a heavy bust and broad shoulders but her hips are pretty much non-existent. A-line dresses are great for this shape and it’s a good idea to go for a strapless dress to show off your beautiful boobs.

Choosing Clothes Online

Once you know the shape it’s a lot easier to go and shop online and know what will suit you and what won’t. I found looking on the Internet is so much simpler now I am able to rule out the shapes which will highlight my worst features and hide my best ones. Remember work with what you have not against it. Not all fashion trends will suit you so focus on the cut and add the trends in your accessories.

When you shop online you have the perfect opportunity to try clothes on in the comfort of your own home. If the dress isn’t what you thought it would be you can easily return it. I find the whole online shopping experience so much more appealing than spending hours looking round the shops on the high street.  If you have an event coming up take a look on some great online stores, search for dresses to suit your body shop and you will not fail to impress.

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