How To Wear A Strapless Dress

Strapless dresses can look sexy and elegant on women of a variety of sizes but many women are reluctant to wear them for fear of exposing too much skin or not having the proper physique to carry it off. While strapless dresses are best suited for women who have toned upper bodies, if carefully selected they can look good even on women who aren’t in top shape. Here are some tips on wearing a strapless dress:

Plus Size Strapless Dress - Style 1 - from Torrid

1. Fit is Critical

When selecting a strapless dress, it’s critical to spend time in the dressing room to ensure the dress you’ve selected fits properly. The last thing you want is to spill out of your dress at a public gathering. Raise your arms, bend over, and contort your body into every possible position to make sure you’re firmly encased in your dress. Be sure to walk around a bit to make sure the dress is comfortable.

2. Choose the Right Bra

Your first instinct may be to buy a strapless bra to wear with your dress. Unfortunately, regular strapless bras tend to slip with movement. The solution? Look for a long-line strapless bra. This is a bra that extends down to the waist and provides more structure to prevent slippage. For added support, you may want to pin the bra to the inside of your dress to keep it in place particularly if you’re going to be active during the evening.

3. Keep Accessories Simple

Simple accessories are best with a strapless dress. Your most important accessory will be a necklace since your neck will be prominently displayed. Choose something elegant and tasteful. You’ve already created enough drama with your strapless dress. The idea is to look elegant not overdone. A beautiful strand of colored freshwater pearls or a gemstone necklace with an interesting pendant will help to pull off the look. Strapless dresses generally look best with heels. Slingbacks are an excellent choice to accentuate a strapless dress.

Plus Size Strapless Dress - Style 2 - from Torrid

4. Transform Your Dress for Day Wear

You can get double duty out of your strapless dress by modifying it for day wear. Simply pull a pretty knit top or a fitted jacket over your dress to turn it into fashionable day wear. Experiment with wraps you have in your closet to see what looks best with your particular dress. By adding a wrap, you can even wear a strapless dress to the office.

Wearing a strapless dress can make you look and feel fashionable and sexy. Don’t be so quick to dismiss one because you think you don’t have the body type. With a little accessorizing and the addition of various wraps it can turn into a very versatile fashion piece. On Ployvore

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