Different Ways to Style Your Hair at the Beach

Beach Hairdos for Plus Size WomenThe sun, the water, the sand! Ah, summer is almost here and so are the lazy days of lying out on the beach! However, with every good thing come things that are bad and one bad thing about the beach is dealing with your hair.

The Pony and Messy Bun

The sand gets tangled in the scalp of your head and the ocean water isn’t helping anything stayed tamed. Next thing you know you are wearing the dreaded wet, rat’s tail pony or that ugly messy bun. You know what I’m talking about, it’s the “I’m at the beach and I don’t care” look that makes all your hard work on your body go out the window.

If you don’t look put together from head to toe, how are you going to pick up any hotties?


If you look polished, you will feel cleaner and the boys will come. One of the best beach looks is a braid, and there are so many different types of braids that you really can find the best one for your suit or style. A braid will keep hair out of your face while you are sunbathing or wave surfing, and when you take it out your hair will have that effortless sexy beach look that you were trying to achieve all winter.


For those of you who need to do some type of bun, the knot is for you. Knots are a lot sleeker looking, but are just as easy as a messy bun. When your hair is wet gather it into a ponytail and separate it into two sections. The first section should be twisted and wrapped around itself, creating a knot. Pin it down with bobby pins and weave the second section of your hair through the knot. If it gets a little messy throughout the day, don’t worry, it will also give you that beach hair look later on.

Hair Bands

Gather your hair into a low bun at the nape of your neck and make it puffy by teasing it. If it gets wet it’s going to deflate, but you will still look stylish if you pair this look with a hair band. You don’t necessarily have to wear a head band, but a hair band instead with some type of grip and elasticity so it won’t fall off in the water. The other great thing about hair bands, besides them being cute and in fashion, is that they will hold bangs back or other loose baby hairs, which typically fall into your eyes when the summer breeze blows.

Hair bands are also ideal for women who may have hair that is too short to braid or to put into a bun.

Other ideas to try are the sock bun, half-up-half-down looks, and crown braids. These are all elegant looks that will keep your hair out of the way, but keep you looking put together. These looks will also offer the benefits of beach hair when removed later on, which every girl loves to show off.

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