Vogue Model Rules Implemented to Promote Healthy Body Images

By on May 28, 2012
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Guest post by Penny Munroe.

In an unexpected announcement, the editors of Vogue magazine’s nineteen international editions have agreed to disallow models who are under the age of sixteen or who have eating disorders from featuring in the publication. According to the official announcement, whether a Vogue model appears to have an eating disorder or not will be at the discretion of the editors. The new Vogue model rule will be implemented in the June issue of all international editions.

Healthy Body Images: Controversial Fashion Issue

The fashion industry was somewhat surprised at the announcement by Vogue as it breaches the highly controversial issue of fashion model health and female body images that has done the circuit many times over. The Condé Nast International magazine publisher Jonathan Newhouse stated that Vogue editors from all corners of the globe want the fashion magazine to reflect their dedication and commitment to the good health of the Vogue fashion models featured within the covers and the well-being of the readers.

For many decades, the fashion industry including the dedicated Vogue magazines and catwalks have been heavily criticised for championing unrealistic standards of beauty for models. These standards have only been exacerbated by the industry’s adoption of digital retouching technology that literally renders the images of Vogue models and celebrities flawless. In an effort to attain the beauty of a Vogue model, readers resort to extreme and unhealthy measures such as strenuous dieting and exercise regimes. Professional models feel that they have to fit the ideal in order to be successful in the fashion world.

Healthy Guidelines Triumph

Initiated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, editors of the American and Italian editions of Vogue have already participated in efforts to promote and uphold healthy body behaviour in the modelling industry. Guidelines were released to both designers and Vogue modelling agencies that requested that they don’t use models under the age of sixteen. Most have complied with the fashion council guidelines, although some designers such as Marc Jacobs have disagreed and continue to use models in their early teens. However, for the first time in Vogue model history, the fashion magazine has laid down its own standards that are separate from the fashion council guidelines.

The full Vogue model announcement should be viewed and consists of six points that outline age, apparent eating disorders, promoting healthy body images, mentoring programmes, healthy working conditions and designer samples. The full Vogue model rules can be viewed on the fashion magazine’s website.

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