Summer is Here, Pick The Right Jeans For You

Guest post by Cindy Thompson.

Jeans are one of the most common types of garments today. Men, women, and children can find jeans in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Jeans are extremely versatile, and they can be paired with casual items, like t-shirts and sneakers, or they can be dressed up with a flashy top and sexy high heels.

Plus Size Jeans For Summer

Finding the best pair of jeans, however, isn’t always as simple as it should be. In fact, for some people, it can be downright difficult.

If you find that you’re one of those people, here are a few tricks and tips you can use to find the best pair of jeans.

Find Your Style

Choosing the right style of jeans can help make or break your look. In general, you want to look for a style that will highlight your positive features and downplay your negative ones. If you have a bit of a belly bulge, for example, opt for a pair of high waisted jeans, which can help push in belly bulge and create a slimmer look. Women with large hips may want to try jeans with slightly wider leg openings, like boot cut jeans. In fact, if in doubt, boot cut jeans may be the way to go, since most experts agree that these types of jeans are flattering on nearly any body type.

Pick the Right Color

The color of a pair of jeans can often make a huge difference in how they make you look. Dark wash jeans, for instance, can be very slimming. They are also typically more versatile than faded jeans, and can be used to create a casual or dressy look.

Look for Age Appropriate Jeans

This is a bit of a touchy subject, but it still needs to be addressed. When trying to find the best pair of jeans, choose jeans that are age appropriate. Once you hit a certain age, overly trendy jeans can make you look like you’re desperately trying too hard to look young; this action alone is what makes you appear older. As a general rule, once you hit 30, stay away from overly trendy jeans, including embellished jeans, distressed jeans, and low-waisted jeans.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Women can often have a hard time finding jeans in their size that fit. This is partly due to the fact that sizes can vary from brand to brand. For example, a woman that fits into a size seven pair of jeans from one company may fit into a size nine from a different company, and possibly a size five from yet another company. Before buying any pair of jeans, always try them on first to ensure a proper fit, even if you think they are your size.

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