Smart Outfits for Casual Occasions

Guest post by Jason Phillips.

Smart Casual Plus Size OutfitThe outfit you wear for an occasion is an important aspect of your attending that occasion. It helps the organizer to set the mood he/she wishes to set for the guests and by abiding by the outfit conduct; you would also be contributing to setting the appropriate mood for the same. It shows respect and courtesy to understand and subsequently follow the dress code for every party. If your dress is not coordinated with the crowd, you may come on too strong and uptight, or too callous in the crowd which could serious affect your social life. If you are looking for smart outfits for casual occasions, it is important to understand the kind of clothing which would be acceptable, and the kind that would be rejected.

Thumb Rules For Women

Rule 1 – Don’t Wear T-shirts

For women, the first rule of smart casuals is to avoid wearing t-shirts. Any kind of t-shirt, particularly those with witty slogans would be a pull down for the attire you need for the occasion. However a pastel coloured, plain t-shirt may be appropriate depending on the kind of party and the kind of crowd you expect to see. The second rule would include keeping the length of the skirt in check. Since the outfit needs to be smart, a micro-mini skirt would not be a suitable choice for such a gathering. Instead if you decide to wear a skirt, it should be like a day skirt that you would wear to the office. Also, jeans should be avoided as fast as possible, unless they are dark coloured and slim fit to make them look more formal.

Rule 2 – Choose Accessories Carefully

If you decide to wear a skirt and a blouse to go with it, make sure you choose coordinated hosiery and footwear. Slim fitted jeans can be worn with boots or with moderate heels which would give it a sophisticated finish. A jacket or waist coat could be a good companion for your jeans. A blouse or a button up top would be most acceptable for such an occasion should be a subtle colour, instead of a shade which is too striking. Lastly, you can also wear a day dress for a casual occasion since dresses are known for their feminine, lady-like look and elegance which would turn a drab outfit to smart.

Thumb Rules for Men

Rule 1 –  Avoid Wearing Witty Shirts

For men as well, it is important that t-shirts, particularly those with slogans, witty comments or humorous logos need to be put aside. Well there is no hard and fast rule for the same, it is important to pick either a collared or a polo neck shirt for the occasion. It makes an impression regarding seriousness, strength and composure but not to the extent that a suit would.

Jeans are an open option for men as long as they are not dirty or scruffy. They should be well fitted and the creases should be removed before they are worn. To give the outfit a final formal look, men can use a blazer or a coat which would make it seem more formal. Chinos and cords can also be worn during the same. Footwear is an important aspect of dressing thus it becomes important to choose the right ones. Keds or floaters with such outfits would simply take away from the look. Wearing smart, closed shoes would be the best options, even if they are closed running shoes. Also, the shoes should be buffed and not covered in mud.

Keeping these few tips in mind, you can choose your attire for a casual occasion where looking smart is the need of the hour. Dress smart to make sure you can complement the theme and show respect to the organizers of the party.

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