Hot Shoe Tips For 2012

There’s a convention that the more stylish the shoe, the less comfortable it should be. Why should we physically suffer for looking good? I’m putting my foot down, so to speak, and saying no more! We can have fashion with crippling ourselves!

Fortunately, I’m not alone in this belief, and there are plenty of designers that have produced fashion forward shoes to suit this summer’s styles. Here are five styles that are at the epicentre of hot style for the coming months.

Hot Shoe Trends 2012

Ballet flats

There’s no denying that ballet flats are becoming the ‘go to’ shoe for every day wear and nights out. Designers have picked up on the easy fashion of the ballet shoe, and have produced some very elaborate styles. Expect to find charming vintage prints which are perfect for going with skinny jeans.


Womens’ pumps have never really gone away, but it certainly feels like a come back in 2012. Expect to find some very bright and bold solid colours such as luscious lime, lemon yellow and tangy turquoise to add a bit of zest to your outfit. You’ll also see that some fun embellishments have been added, like those on Marco Tozzi shoes. Feathers, flowers and other additions give you an opportunity to coordinate with motifs on clothing and jewellery.


It’s time to put the gladiator sandals to the sword, and move on. Strappy sandals are still in, but have more of a heel, giving them a lighter, more feminine look. Again, bold colours are the order of the day, along with gold, silver and metallics. Metal studs seem to have taken over from oversized diamant├ęs this year, with less of a colour and shape mash-up with the straps, staying one uniform size and hue.


The moccasin is making a major resurgence in 2012, although they’ve had something of a style overhaul. You’ll find there’s a wider choice this year for these comfortable shoes beyond natural coloured tans and browns. Expect to find two tone styles in suede and leather, which are perfect for wearing with pedalpusher pants or long skirts. There’s also something of an amalgamation with boat shoes starting to appear now, creating a casual shoe hybrid, which somehow works.

With these casual shoe tips for 2012, you’re sure to be ahead of the game, and here are some points to remember:

1. Motifs: look out for embellishments such as flowers to coordinate with jewellery or clothing patters.

2. Colours: don’t be afraid of bold colours. You can always coordinate with a brightly coloured top or similar coloured handbag. The colours don’t have to be exactly the same shade!

3. Studs: it looks like the rock look is back in force, so have fun with shoes with metal studs. They work brilliantly with a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

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