3 Fabulous Shoes for the Summer

With trend in footwear ever changing we take a look at the three most popular and stylish Palladium shoes hitting a foot near you sometime soon.

Boots vs. Shoes

There is an argument for wearing both shoes and boots in the summer. This is completely dependant of course on where you are going, what you are doing and so on. Shoes are fabulous for urban life and for lazing about whereas you know that boots will be handy, or footy, for more rigorous outdoor pursuits. You need to wear footwear which will suit the terrain and conditions which you are going into. Strong and stable boots with a good strong sole should be a staple in every active individual’s wardrobe.

Obviously of course the matter of personal preference comes into the equation also. Wear what you feel comfortable in but also what looks good to you and to those around you. Practicality though must always be considered and in fact, paramount.

Style vs. Fashion

Style and fashion are two very separate things for the most part. Fashion is wearing something because it is the ‘in’ thing to do. People who follow fashion can sometimes be very blinkered as they will buy an item not because it suits them or makes them feel good as individuals but because it is the latest ‘must have’. You know the sort!

Style on the other hand is a timeless look of your own. Yes there is a nod to fashion involved too but style is much more than this. Style can be the way in which you hold yourself, the way you walk, that spring in your step, that new haircut – style sets you the individual apart from the rest and with Palladium shoes you are making a statement of style.

Palladium Shoes

Palladium shoes are durable as they are attractive. Hardwearing and made from premier materials, these are great shoes which will not cost you the earth whilst still delivering a quality product. Palladium, originally a tyre company for the aviation industry, first came to the fore in 1920. After World War Two was over, there was less and less demand for their tyres and the company made the decision to branch out into the world of footwear and a new brand was born.

Palladium shoes are the ones of choice for those who need a hard wearing and durable foot covering which has masses of comfort and which above all looks good. They come in many different shapes and models and there is sure to be one which suits your busy and active lifestyle.

Worn by the French Foreign Legion from the late 1940’s the Pampa boot is perhaps the most iconic model of footwear manufactured by the company. These boots were tested to the extreme through all manner of harsh terrains, such as the Atlas Mountains and through arid deserts and still came up trumps.

Palladium shoes are the shoe of choice for the modern and active individual.

J-Bees are an international retailer offering Urban and Street Wear. They sell products from large fashion labels, among which trendy Palladium shoes.


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