How To Wear Wide Belts

As the weather turns warm and coats and sweaters are discarded for fresh spring fashions, one trend you’ll see is the reappearance of the wide belt. Wide belts will be seen clinching the waists of light spring cardigans, flowing dresses, and the popular shirt dress. These belts add definition to unstructured spring and summer fashions and can make a toned waistline seem even smaller. Not only will you find standard wide belts but you’ll also see an array of wide sashes in a variety of materials to accent fashionable springtime waists. A wide belt can be flattering on most figure types if worn correctly. Here’s how to wear them with style:

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1. Get the Proper Fit

To wear a wide belt successfully, it needs to fit snuggly. Avoid loose belts that hang off of the waistline. The key is to give your waist a cinched, defined look. When a wide belt fits snuggly, it will help to give you an hour glass shape and make you look like you’ve worked on your waist and stomach for hours at the gym. If you loose weight and a wide leather belt becomes too loose to be flattering, take it to a shoe repair shop and have extra holes created. Don’t compromise on fit.

2. Wear Them in the Right Place

This season, wide belts are meant to be worn high on the waist. Resist the tendency to wrap them above your hips. When worn higher up, you create the appearance of having longer legs and a long, clean line which can give a very flattering look.

3. Use a Wide Belt as a Focal Point

A wide belt is meant to draw attention to your waist and should be the focal point of your outfit. Resist the temptation to over accessorize with jewelry or scarves. Keep your shoes or boots simple to give an elegant, but fashionable, look. A wide belt can take an unstructured, loose outfit and give it instant style and definition. Take advantage of that by keeping the look clean and uncluttered.

How To Wear a Wide Belt - Style 2

4. Use Them to Add Contrast to Spring Fashions

You’ll find lots of ruffled, flowing dresses this season. A wide belt is the perfect accessory to add contrast and keep the free flowing look from becoming too unstructured. Try adding a thick leather belt to a light, cotton shirt dress. Add some leggings and fashionable, ballet flat shoes and you have a comfortable outfit for sightseeing or shopping. Give that loose spring cardigan some added style and definition by cinching it with a thick leather belt or leather wrap. Wide leather belts also coordinate beautifully with a full skirt and a simple, slim top.

Why not try buying a single wide leather belt in a neutral color and try it with fashions you already have in your closet? You may find the addition of a fashionable thick belt gives your current clothing new fashion authority. Have fun experimenting! On Ployvore

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