How To Choose The Best Neckline

As the weather warms and the days become longer, it’s time to put away those winter wool tops and slip on crisp, cool summer t-shirts to enjoy the great outdoors. If you want to look your best in summertime fashions, you may want to give some consideration to the neckline you choose. A well chosen neckline on a t-shirt can make your neck look longer and slimmer and elongate your entire body. Here’s how to choose the best neckline style for your particular face and build:

The Crew Neck

1. The Crew Neck

This high, rounded neckline is a style commonly seen on summer t-shirts. Because it extends high up on the chest, it decreases the amount of exposed skin between the chin and chest making the neckline look shorter and thicker. This style can still be flattering if you have a short neck as long as you choose a style with a deeper scoop. If you have a round face or double chin, it’s best to avoid this neckline style entirely.

The Scoop Neck

2. The Scoop Neck

A wide scooped neckline on a shirt tends to flatter women with narrow shoulders since it makes the shoulders appear wider. It can also slim the upper body and make a full bustline seem less obvious. A low scooped neckline gives the illusion of a longer neck and is flattering to those carrying extra fat under the chin.

The V Neck

3. The V Neck

This is one of the most popular styles for summertime tops. A deep v-neck style elongates the neck and distracts the eye away from a double chin. It’s also an excellent style for those who are overweight in their upper body. If you’re small in the upper body or have narrow shoulders, choose a wider v-neck as opposed to a deeper style to make your shoulders appear broader.

The Boat Neck

4. The Boat Neck

This high necked style should be avoided if you have a short, thick neck or double chin as it will only call attention to these areas. This style can be flattering on thin women who have narrow shoulders, particularly if reinforced with small shoulder pads. A boatneck also gives the illusion of larger breasts. Avoid this style if you have broad shoulders.

The Strapless Top

5. Strapless Tops

A strapless top tends to be most flattering on women who have wider shoulders and a small bustline. A strapless style can also help to elongate the neck.

In general, shorter, thicker necks look best in lower cut, plunging necklines, particularly v-necks that reveal more of the upper chest. Higher cut necklines should be reserved for women with longer, thinner necks who have strong chins and jaw lines.

The next time you go shopping for clothing, spend a little time exploring the different neckline options on t-shirts. Try on a few of them and pinpoint which ones best flatter your face and upper body. When you find a particular flattering neckline, buy the top in a variety of colors to pair with your summer pants, shirts, and shorts. Knowing exactly what neckline flatters your face and body can make future shopping trips all that much easier. On Ployvore

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