Fashion Tips for Curvy Women

By on April 26, 2012
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The “skin and bones” look is finally on its way out, and it’s a curvy girl’s time to shine. With help from gorgeous, curvy celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Christina Hendricks, the fashion world is finally starting to cater to fuller figured women. Curvy girls, read on to find out what you should be wearing to complement your figure and where you should be wearing it!

IGIGI Plus Size Michaela Curvy Pencil Skirt in Black

Work Wear

Work wear must walk the fine line between looking professional and showing off your bombshell curves. Thanks to Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, women are now realizing that they can look both feminine and formal in the workplace. A great look for work is to wear a nice fitted blouse (with a camisole underneath if you run the risk of showing off too much cleavage). For your lower half, you can wear a figure-hugging pencil skirt, an a-line skirt or a nice pair of dress pants. If you want to dress up the look even more, you can always add a fashionable blazer. To really amp up the look and show off your curves, wear figure-control underwear. This type of undergarment is great for creating smooth lines and hiding any flaws. Plus, it’s a lot more comfortable than a corset!

Comfort Clothes

Even though you’re enjoying your downtime at home, there’s no reason you need to look sloppy. Some women make the mistake of just throwing on whatever feels the most comfortable, even if the fit and style is less than flattering. If you pay more attention to what you wear at home, you’ll feel more confident with the way you look, because you won’t have a dowdy image of yourself. You don’t even have to sacrifice comfort. If you pair stretchy leggings or corduroy pants with a fitted sweater and some comfortable flats, you have a great look for the winter. In the summer, you can wear a pair of jean shorts or Capri pants with a loose blouse. The main mistake to avoid is wearing overly baggy clothes. You can still be comfortable without hiding your figure beneath excess material.

Social Style

The key to looking great when you’re going out is to pick one aspect of your body to show off. Oftentimes, women mistakenly think that they should show as much skin as possible. If you’re wearing a low-cut shirt, make sure you wear pants or a skirt that reaches just above the knee. If you have great legs, you can wear a shorter skirt or tight pants, but keep your cleavage to a minimum. Other sexy looks are shirts that highlight your shoulders or back. You’d be surprised how tantalizing a glimpse of your lower back can be! If you’re self-conscious about a certain area, such as your thighs or your tummy, those spots are very easy to hide. Empire-waist dresses are feminine and sexy, and they hide the thickest part of your stomach and upper legs. When you wear them with a killer pair of heels, a great handbag and some colorful jewelry, you create a perfect, captivating look.

As cheesy as it sounds, the most important part of looking great is feeling confident. When you feel confident, you emit positive energy that draws in the people around you. By embracing your curves and showing them off to their best potential, you’ll feel sexy and unstoppable. It’s time to stop hiding your body, so uncover those curves and show the world how real women are built!

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