7 Fashionable Uses for Buttons

By on April 11, 2012
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Clothing buttons are both beautiful and versatile. If you have interesting buttons lying around the house and want to put them to good use, why not use them to expand your fashion options? Here are some fashionable uses for buttons:

1. Transform a Blouse

If you have a blouse in your closet that’s become a bit boring, use the power of interesting buttons to give it new life. Simply remove its current buttons and replace them with a whole new set. Try adding some vintage glass buttons from your grandmother’s button drawer to a blouse and you’ll see it take on a whole new character. You can even make your own buttons out of any fabric you choose to enhance your blouse. Simply get a covered button kit from your local fabric store and create quick buttons out of the fabric of your choice.

How To Reuse Buttons

2. String a Bracelet

Gather together interesting buttons with shanks and string them onto sturdy elastic cord to create a one-of-a-kind button bracelet. Once your button bracelet is complete, tie off the elastic cord and place a dot of glue to give the knot strength. Trim off excess elastic around the knot and get ready to show off your beautiful bracelet.

3. Use Buttons as Trim

Use interesting buttons to trim a neckline or a hem of an outfit to make it artsy and unique. This will take your fashion piece out of the realm of the ordinary and give it new fashion potential.

4. Decorate a Hat Band

Use a mixture of unique buttons to decorate a hat band. Add even more flourish by placing a few other unique embellishments between the buttons such as beads, fabric roses, and ribbons. You’ll have the ultimate in head art.

5. Make a Shoe Clip

Buy an alligator clip from your local hardware store. Glue buttons to the alligator clip using epoxy glue and clip them onto your shoes for an evening out on the town.

6. Make a Decorative Brooch

Buy a metal pin base at your local craft store. Gather together buttons that compliment one another and create an interesting button collage on your metal pin base. Attach the buttons in layers onto the base using five minute epoxy glue. You can create dozens of unique button brooches using this method.

7. Decorate a Belt

Using a pair of heavy duty pliers, cut the shank off of a group of metal buttons and glue them in interesting arrangements onto a plain leather belt. Watch your old belt take on a whole new look.

There are a multitude of fun and fashionable ways to use buttons to enhance your wardrobe. Why not put those stray buttons lying around your house to work?

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