Say Hello to The Masculine Trend

By on October 4, 2011
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Guest post by Aishwarya Vohra

The Masculine Trend in Plus Size Fashion

Ensemble from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

Say goodbye to pretty in pink and give a warm welcome to your boyfriend’s wardrobe.

Over the past few years femininity has been vastly celebrated, however as we move towards the closing stages of 2011 expect to see the welcomed surprise of silk ties, trouser suits, braces, pinstripes, and overcoats, to name a few.

The masculine trend is one that particularly looks good in plus sizes because of the sleek and tailored designs it offers. In fact the masculine trend looks better on curvier figures because it tends to swallow up skinny frames and make it look like the clothes are wearing the person rather then the person wearing them. However, if you have a curvier frame you can carry this look well and show everyone who is boss; which is really what the trend symbolizes and what it is all about.

In fact your curvy figure mixed with masculine designed clothes will create a great amount of sex appeal. This is because you will see slight hints of a womanly figure yet the clothes will contrast with this to create an overall dazzling effect. This is really one of the most bold and dominating trends of the coming season.

The masculine trend does not mean that you have to look manly, you can of course play with it and spice things up with a bit of sensuality. You do not have to stick to merely black and white and you can add a slice of color to brighten things up. Bold make-up or stand out colored  accessories also give this look that extra daring and delightful edge.

So what items should you look for when executing this trend?

1. Shirts

There’s an array of different shirts available that you can mix and match with all sorts of clothing. Shirts are great because they go with everything; shorts, jeans, skirts, and leggings. However, make sure you stay away from girly attributes such as frills and flowers. Go for shirts in bold and striking colors with simple and sleek designs.

2. Bow Ties

Bow ties are absolutely great because they are generally considered menswear however they add a cute and chic element to any outfit. You can pin a bow tie to your shirt or blouse to add an extra edge to any outfit. If you want to show that you are a trend setter then this is the best way.

3. Trilby Hats

Trilby hats are the perfect accessory to add a masculine hint to your outfit. Like shirts they are great because they go with anything. Trilby hats in shades of brown and alike can add a touch of indie to your outfit, however black color versions of trilby hats can add a more sophisticated and stand out presence to your appearance.

4. Satchels

Satchels are the best type of bag to carry whilst implementing the masculine trend. This is because they carry the look of a brief case however they are of course extremely stylish and much more chic.

This article has been contributed by Aishwarya Vohra from Offshore Ally, company of dedicated virtual assistants and VA for real estate.  Aishwarya writes on various subjects including beauty, fashion and health.

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