Fall Styles for Professional Women

By on October 6, 2011
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Guest post by Lesley DeSantis

Fall Fashion Trends for 2011

Ensemble from Kiyonna

For professional women in search of the latest fall fashions for 2011, a polished, clean, and professional look is in. A chic and classy pair of trousers, ruffled jacket, clean cut blouse or top, and a leather tote bag or large leather purse can make any woman stand out in a crowded room. Matching the right colors, tones, and styles is a matter of finding what works for you. Accessorizing with the right shoes, earrings, watches, and of course the right tone of makeup will also help. Leather high heel shoes, metallic watches with a dual toned coat, tailored blazers or vests, and softer fabrics can make any woman have the right look for either a day at the office or a night out on the town.

Women want to be sure to create a polished, professional, and clean look when entering the office for work. It is not a runway but you do want to stand out and be noticed. A great clean look is a capped sleeve blouse or top, and a pair of wool trousers with a slim leather belt. Depending on your skin tone, darker or lighter shades will obviously work better for each woman but making sure that the top and bottom are color coordinated is essential.

Earth tones are also in. For the wool trousers, a dark brown or darker green make for a great look. Matched up with a lighter top, this ensemble will definitely make you stand out at the office. A pair of leather pumps or heels and a matching leather jacket to cover it up will make for a distinguished professional look. Quality brand names can go a long way but more importantly, you want to buy something durable and made of high quality materials.

This same look can be completed with a skirt, instead of the pants, but should be knee-length. A pencil skirt and cashmere sweater can make any look professional. A large belt, with a buckle that stands out and matching high heels will also leave an impression on those passing by. In this case, no sweater or jacket is required. The same look can be accomplished with the right dress in the right color and length. For the professional business woman, knee length dresses, in darker shades (black, grays, darker blues, or on the other spectrum a cream color), all look great in the office. Sleeveless is in, so light leather jacket to cover up, will go great with that styles.

As far as the accessories, you want to go light. A long pair of dangling earrings (nothing too extravagant though) and a simple necklace (with no charm) will really make the entire look come together. A wrist watch is also a great accessory and if you wish to wear a ring, you should keep it to just one. Don’t overdo it with accessories as it will detract from the clothing. Makeup should be light and simple as well with no bold colors. Something light and maybe just lipstick and eye shadow will be more than enough for a day at the office.

No matter which look you are going for, you want to remember to choose professional high quality name materials, and color matching is essential. As far as accessorizing, remember that less is more, and too much jewelry and makeup will detract from the overall fashion sense you are trying to get from the clothes and style itself.

Guest author Lesley DeSantis is a copywriter for Julianna Rae, a maker of luxury chemises for women.

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